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Game of the century: The battle of 'Islam against Islam' and hitting Turkey

In the last 25 years, there are two countries continuously growing and whose areas of influence are expanding in the Balkans, Caucasus and Middle East, where the U.S. settled since the end of the Cold War in 1989: The U.K. and Iran. The country placed on the target board also in the last 25 years is Turkey.

I am re-publishing this article after reviewing it in light of the recent developments.

The British ended the Cold War. But why?

Margaret Thatcher's arrival in the 1980s ended the Cold War. Thatcher, also known as the “Iron Lady," lit the fuse that buried the socialist world, called the Iron Curtain, into the depths of history. The Cold War was urgently ended and the global system invented itself a new enemy: Islam.

The new enemy was openly declared by the NATO secretary general. It was said, “The greatest threat standing against the global system is Islam," and the “Islamic threat" was turned into NATO's official doctrine by NATO Secretary General Willy Cleas.

This is information that will change the known reading of the Cold War: The U.S., just like Russia, lost its status as super power. There were two great super powers in the Cold War period: The U.S. and Soviet Union.

The end of the Cold War enabled the British to quietly and slyly come from the depths to a position that would change the course of history – once again after almost half a century.

The elimination of Jews

During the Cold War period the Jews had settled into the U.S. in every sense and in every area. In other words, Jews had taken over the U.S. post-World War II.

The end of the Cold War was a result of the U.S.'s concern to end Jewish dominance/occupation. This is what they wanted to achieve in the medium term. Because the U.S. meant WASP: White, Anglo Saxon and Protestant.

World War II, which ended with the Jewish massacre was the reason why Jews took over the U.S. from within. Yet, the U.S. was founded by the British. Jewish dominance over the U.S. resulted not only in the British losing their dominance over the U.S., but also their dominance over the islanders, who are the architects of two great industrial revolutions. Being “driven out" of the U.S. by the Jews was a very heavy blow on the British who realized the industrial revolutions and collapsed the Ottoman Empire.

The British gathered themselves during this period and started to make moves with Thatcher that would push the Jews away from the global system. The British had established the global capitalist system together with the Jews, but the Jews had struck a major blow to the British – through genocide.

Preventing Islam from re-entering history

The actual long-term reason for ending the Cold War was to prevent Islam from taking to the history stage again.

The British were the ones who have been shaping and directing the world for the last two centuries, who buried the Ottoman civilization into history and who have been following a genius and sly strategy that would determine their entire sovereignty and the problems and borders of the Muslim world. This is why only the British could have stopped Islam from re-taking the history stage.

It is exactly for this reason that the British ended the Cold War. Why? It is because they saw Turkey and the Muslim world's arrival and re-entering history, quietly and deeply.

The British thought: If Turkey returns to its roots and reached its Islamic orbit once again, it would not and could not be possible to stop the Ottomans from rising from their ashes and reviving in different forms. Because, Turkey's getting back on its feet would result in Turkey also bringing to their feet the three main reserves of the Ottoman geography consisting of the Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle East, which are waiting for Turkey.

Turkey should be stopped and Iran's path cleared. Why?

Hence, Turkey needed to be stopped and Iran's path cleared. In the meantime, the backbone Sunni mainstream movement of the 20th century, Ikhwan, also needed to be dealt a huge blow. This way, the global Islamic order established by the children of the Seljuks and Ottomans, who ensured the Muslim world's millennium-old doctrinal, ideological and political unity, could finally be destroyed.

A revolution took place in Iran 10 years before the end of the Cold War. Once the Iranian revolutions somehow settled down, it was decided to end the Cold War. A new war was being started by the global system using enticing, post-modern methods: This was the battle of “Islam against Islam."

The arrival of Islam was going to be stopped from within through subcontractor countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran and tool organizations such as the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Kurdistan Workers' Party, Daesh and the Gülen Movement. Frankly, it was a very clever strategy. The era of direct wars was ending and the era of proxy wars was starting now.

Name of the century-old game: The battle of 'Islam against Islam'

The battle of “Islam against Islam" was going to be a post-modern/sly war and it had three legs:

1-Inventing terrorist organizations that would make it possible to associate Islam with terror.
2-The moderate Islam project: Inventing a parallel religion to tamper with Islam's genetics and Muslims' genes to secularize and protestantize Islam, while eliminating all its universal claims.
3-Inventing an unreal Sunni-Shiite clash and turning it into reality step-by-step.

Let us not forget that these three projects are parts of the battle of “Islam against Islam" strategy which are connected to one another and applied in coordination. Great progress was made in the first two projects. Now they are on the third project.

If the economy shakes, it will lead to chaos

The final method the West has resorted to in such an atmosphere is to collapse Turkey's economy. I had underlined in yesterday's column as well: Turkey was able make a breakthrough in economy and ensured capital inflow to the countries it managed to take its geoeconomic and geopolitical strategies in coordination and whose power centers with which it managed to establish productive relations.

Turkey might be in for a trap. They might want to drag us into Russia and China and stab us in the back. This should never be disregarded. This is how the Ottoman Empire was dragged into World War I and wiped out.

It is important to develop our relations with Russia and China. But, we cannot put our full trust in neither Europe, nor the U.S. or Russia and China. We can only build alliances.

If Turkey's economy is shaken, the country will be dragged to the brink of political chaos. More than half of the electorate who voted for the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) – or maybe even more – are voting based on economic reasons. Even this reality alone should be enough to show the kind of social and political chaos an economic tremor can drag Turkey to.

In short, Turkey is going to stand tall but also be prepared against traps. It is going to observe the geopolitical balances very well to prevent the economy from shaking and Turkey from falling into the trap of an unexpected war amid a conflict between global actors.


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