Finally, someone asked, "who are you?" - YUSUF KAPLAN

Finally, someone asked, "who are you?"

Erdogan began his presidential speech addressing the whole world with the chapter of Fateha from the Holy Quran. This is not a simple thing. This is the spark of a turning point, the sign of a sunrise.

We are hearing the steps of Turkey''s advance that is going to be a permanent guardian of the truth, and the whole humanity considers it as a hope.

The noble key that opens all the doors: the chapter of Fateha (the first surah) in the holy Quran.

The chapter of Fateha is the manifesto of Islamic life and its insight of the truth.

God''s power to create and the mapping of worshipping God are in minds and actions.

The chapter is the golden treasure of how Islam''s codes of the divine truth can be translated into human life, and it presents the roadmaps of these codes.

It opens all the doors: The key of the purely golden and noble doors.

Who are you, whose servants are you?

For all these historical commencements and noble journeys that would restart history, the chapter of Fateha is a good choice to take the first, great step and set out on the journey with its map of meaning.

The chapter of Fateha is the only steadfast source that replies to man''s fundamental, ontological questions on every level.

Therefore, the rivers of the truth are nourished with only this source. The genuine children of the truth, the children who breastfeed from the truth can open our way.

The manifesto challenging the lords of the global system and their proxies

Thus, it is significant in many aspects that Erdogan started his presidential candidacy speech with the chapter of Fateha.

Apart from everything, this speech is a challenging manifesto against the internal and external proxies of the global system that intend to prevent Turkey from its great march.

Erdogan presented the roadmaps and meaning in his speech.

Therefore, he declared that he would only submit to God and that he would deal with the troubles of the Islamic community, his oppressed and his unprotected nation. He clearly declared that he would never ever bow before anyone (global tyrants, local gangsters or proxies) except his Lord.

Breaking the waves by asking, ''Who are you?''

For all the reasons above, Erdogan could ask the lords of the global system, those who would render any person they want as a ''king'', those who can simply stir anarchy in any country or those who can turn the whole world into warfare, chaotic and battlefield situations the question, ''Who are you?''

Thus, Erdogan asked white Turks, the spoiled, privileged and haughty people the same question, who attempted to occupy the basic ontological rights of the nation in Turkey and ruined its dome, destroyed its language and insulted its religion, transformed Turkey into a country of bondage where the overly used outcomes of the western culture are consumed.

Finally, Turkey brought the wave-breaking journey to the wave-building one.

The comparison is simply.

While one takes shelter in Anitkabir, the other takes God as shelter. This is our distinction!

While one takes shelter in Anitkabir, the other takes shelter in God. This is our distinction!

Some people always took Anitkabir as a shelter and others their unique God.

This was not a simple thing either, if we consider the schizophrenia or the traumatic indicators.

The only shelter and altar of secularists and nationalist-leftists: Anitkabir

Anyone can declare their own sacred things or worship them. However, when you ask the tiny number of the wild minority group ''who are you?'', this country can go the distance..

Then, the New Turkey can be established and may start to defend the idea of civilization in the face of humanity.

The aspect of Erdogan''s speech in the wave-building process was more important. It was like a manifesto of resurrection and existence. How? I will explain tomorrow.


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