Erdoğan raised the level, and the roof collapsed - YUSUF KAPLAN

Erdoğan raised the level, and the roof collapsed

The Prime Minister hit the jackpot. He did a great job. He touched on the state-nation distinction: this is the key point of the issue.

What happened was : the Mother State is gone, the father state turned up.

In this country, the nation has been beaten up by the state for a century. It was treated by the state as though it had been a slave. Our citizens abroad at Turkish embassies have not only been treated as slaves, but furthermore as animals, and I am not exaggerating when saying this. (The treatment remains the same in certain places).

On the other hand, the state in our tradition, our civilization is a mother. It becomes a father in times, but it is essentially a mother. It is the womb, source and the only ground for the mercy, love and affection.

One of our artists and thinkers, Kemal Tahir, realized this reality. Therefore, he described Ottomans as "Mother State".

The more the mother state collapsed, the more mercy, affection and love disappeared from our lives.

After the collapse of our state, our nation was left orphaned and helpless.

After the 7-century-old giant tree fell over, the owners of this giant tree were exiled in their own countries.

The roofists'' one-hundred-year dance with the nation

What the "roofists" of the last century (or the pro-roof candidate during the presidential elections in Turkey) struggled against the nation while doing their death dance.

Roofists were in power a century ago. Roofists mean westerners. In other words, global statuquo promoters. They were like that then, and remain so now.

At that time, from the roof, from the top, from outside, they tried to educate the nation; and now they are trying to do the same thing. The only thing that changed was their "faces". A century ago, with frowning brows and long pouty faces, the roofists, Westists were a state.

Now western instruments that are described as the "gentlemen of the majesties", the roof of those are outside, have become impudent. They are taking every form and "dancing" everywhere.

Turkey was taken over from the "roof"

In those days, roofists – that is, westerners — fought against the nation, and made war with the nation.

They threw away whatsoever sacred value that made the nation a nation. They killed the language of the nation and turned it into a rag. They impoverished its culture and dried its life. They simply cut the head off the body.

Therefore, roofists simply handed the country to the west without their need to colonalize first.

When our state collapsed, it was abandoned to the new state, the father state that had the frowned brows and the long, pouty face that was built from its "roof" taken from our "mother" state, which opened its arms to welcome its children from all religions and nations.

The new state has become a father, a crude and strict one. Eventually, it went too far and began beating the nation.

However, it was known that all the solidified objects by nature were to be liquefied at the end by will or the force of an external power.

The deep state of the roofist when turning impudent.

Look at that paradox the claimers want to push: "Erdogan is at the head of the state, but still complaining about the state to the nation".

The roof candidate and their men, satellites – perhaps not through a frowning brow or tempting rhetorical skills, but with a warm appearance to the nation – is trying to put the "nation" in an order.

The state, being the expression of the status quo, is insisting on being shameful instead of facing off.

Finally, someone said "pioneer Turkey"

On the other hand, when the PM was explaining the certificate of vision, he raised the level to a very high point by calling it "pioneer Turkey". I believe it"s the first time a PM said "pioneer"when mentioning Turkey.

The late Erbakan used to say "leader Turkey" and the late Özal was saying similar things. But it was Erdogan who said "pioneer Turkey" for the first time.

The roof was about to crack

It was obvious that the roof would crack after the "majesty"s gentleman Mr. Ekmel Ihsanoglu" made his presidential declaration. His motto was "Ekmeleddin for Bread". It was lame from whatever angle you look at it. It was a forcible slogan, just like his presidential nomination and the idea of the roof candidate.

The roof candidate idea was a forcible one and since the roof was forcibly built, it could not endure.

When Erdogan raised the level, the roof started to squeal and it has already collapsed.


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