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Dominating the Islamic world means dominating over the whole world

Turkey is besieged from inside and outside, being grabbed by the throat. All right but why is it so?


Let"s check out the principles:

The western life, thought, art, hence the driving force of the western civilization and source is "nobility". On the other hand, Islamic life, thought, art, thus the driving force of the Islamic civilization and source is "decency".


For the reason above, the western civilization is egocentric while Islamic civilization is you-centric.

Ego-centrism is destructive and devastating; annihilating and "blunting". In you-centric design, it is the founding actor and protecting.

The western civilization"s egocentric descendents claim: I have a problem with you.

Islamic civilization"s you-centric descendents claim: I have a problem with myself.

Why is the new Turkey a nightmare for westerners?

The answer: Westerners could not develop a co existential experience with other civilizations, religions and cultures.

Thus, they did not find anything inconvenient in eradicating the systems of different civilizations, cultures, religions and thoughts. They still have the same perception.

On the other side, in human history it"s only Muslims who granted the right for differences to exist. It"s only Muslims who co-existed with them and who benefited from them in their own reference system and developed the means and methods for others to maintain their own existence.

That"s why it"s not the western nightmare nor the capitalist and swallowed China, nor India nor Russia but the new Turkey that can hold the light of hope for the world. The new Turkey shows the indications for marching the way towards a path, taking its basis from the Ottoman civilization experience that granted a right for differences to exist and that reached to its peak both in human and history insight.

History is being made here but not from here.

Also, let us not skip this point: the recorded history of humanity has been made here in this territory for the last 300 years, in this geography where we are located in its center but History has not been made for the last 300 years within here but still from here.

If we still are going to be here, we can make the history once again.

The primary way for us to be here and make history –together with the whole humanity- is to expel colonialists from here.

The way to dominate the world.

Thus, the historical reality is this: whatever power dominates the Islamic world, will dominate the whole world. The reverse is also true: the power that loses its domination in Islamic world will lose its domination in the world.

But, why?

I gave its hints above but let me make it more concrete: first, The Islamic world consisting of the Balkans, Caucasia, the Middle East or the Ottoman civilization geography is where world history is made. It"s the crossroad of the three continents.

The second is that despite all the global system"s basic paradigms and attacks, it"s still the only resisting intellectual, political, cultural, strategic Islamic geography.

The third is that the richest oil and natural gas resources found in the Islamic world.

Why is Turkey being grabbed by the throat?

We can extract three main conclusions here:

The first: the way to control the whole world and establish hegemony on it passes through taking the Islamic world under control

The second: the way for the Islamic world to achieve its independence is to take a new civilization journey.

The third: this splits in itself in three divisions.

First, in the long term, the only actor that will give its independence to Islamic world and that will assert a civilization claim is the new Turkey. Second, the only actor that has the profound civilization experience for letting everyone the right to live is the New Turkey. Finally, the only actor that can expel the colonialist westerners, using the capacity to realize its historical depth and profound wisdom and rich civilization experience is the new Turkey.

This crucial fact has been understood well by both westerners and oppressed societies and it was realized that Turkey was perceived as the last isle for humanity but it has not been perceived in Turkey.

That"s why Turkey is being plotted with "guinea pigs" from inside and outside and being grabbed by the throat.

The advance of the new Turkey and the price for the end of its hibernation.

By waking from its hibernation and gathering itself, Turkey is paying its price for waking up for a civilization march and holding the light of hope for oppressed nations.

That"s because Turkey is more than being Turkey. This crucial reality is well understood by westerners and that is why they want to grab Turkey"s throat.

The question: why is the Turkish intelligentsia still unable to see this fact?


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