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Directorate of Religious Affairs must play its historical role in paving Turkey’s future

On a global scale, in a period when the value crisis has annihilated and rendered everything meaningless; when world values have been obliterated, social structures have cracked, family has ended, religion has withdrawn from life and the deceiving, non-religious profanity of the culture industry, such as football, music and media, has dragged humanity to the threshold of a great ontological disaster and spiritual vacancy… In a season of extinction in which humanity feels a vital need for Islamic values in which it will be possible to establish a humane and fair world… We need to strengthen our founding sources, not weaken them...

If Turkey conveys our thousand-year principles of civilization to the world, based on our insight which will overcome the value crisis and steal the hearts of mankind, we will once again shape history.

In this sense, the Directorate of Religious Affairs has a historical role to play. 

The Directorate of Religious Affairs’ historical role
The Westerners are fighting to destroy the Ahli Sunnah (majority Sunni branch of Islam) backbone, based on our sagacious experience, which makes it possible for write a 1,000- year history of humanity with the principles of justice and peace. For this, they paved the way, firstly, for the Wahhabis and then for the Iranians. This is the invisible but also the real reason why the Ottoman Empire was overcome, why Turkey was besieged and why our region was turned into purgatory. 
Turkey needs to initiate an operation that will repel the Khariji logic and parallel religions, which were invented to internally destruct the 1,000-year Ahli Sunnah backbone and that will steal humanity's heart. We can do this with the Directorate of Religious Affairs... The Directorate of Religious Affairs and Theology faculties are obligated to strengthen our basic sources, instead of just standing by and watching, even instigating, the disgusting, planned and projected attacks on our basic sources, on our hadiths, our sects and on Prophet Muhammad. 

Otherwise, neither the Directorate of Religious Affairs  nor the theology faculties can give an account for this. Consider; the world needs the values that you represent (that you cannot actually represent, but destroy with a shallow mind). But what do you do instead? You try to destroy these values and their founding sources with a shallow mind, false justifications and magazine materials. 

What kind of an abdication of reason and improvidence is this? Then, you continuously mumble “reason.” You are foolish. You are the one who needs reason. 

It’s really unbelievable.

An ontological disaster, a global spiritual vacancy

The world is drifting toward the threshold of ontological destruction in a deceiving manner. 
 As a matter of fact, without any resistance whatsoever.
The fact that the destruction is being done in a deceiving manner leads to its obscurity and, for this reason, renders it multilayered, turning it into a gangrene. 
A great spiritual vacancy is emerging in the world.
In Western societies this spiritual vacancy tries to be filled in two ways.

In addition to religions which can be defined as speed, pleasure and consumerism, producing seductive profanity which escapes the problems of everyday life; eastern religions such as Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen, which have been transformed into transcendental meditation, completely destroyed and added to the postmodern world beyond recognition, are used to eliminate, eclipse or postpone this spiritual vacancy. 
Eastern religions and practices such as Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zen could not endure the attack of Western cultures and were fossilized.
But the Westerners could not do the same thing to Islam. They failed to fossilize Islam and bring it to order.

Because Islam’s strong envision of truth and the power to deeply and thoroughly grasp life renders it difficult to transform, and fossilize our fundamental sources, those of which offer a strong envision of the truth. 

Double-sided attacks on Islam
At this point, we are confronted with two major attacks, an external and an internal one, in the entire Islamic world, but especially in Turkey.
The external attack is a project of inventing parallel / false religions to bring Islam into line and fossilize it. 
This is the Islamic strategy against Islam, which started with Wahhabism and maintained with neo-Salafism and Khariji logic on the one hand, and with Ahmadiyya along with the acceleration of FETÖ on the other. 
I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is the British behind these two extreme formations.
The internal attack is based on an extremely dangerous project that brings the hadiths, sects and Prophet Muhammed’s position up for discussion, and will eventually result in the invention of Islam without a prophet. 
These two attacks were developed by Westerners, one of them having been actually accomplished, while the other was aimed to be accomplished through the destruction of minds.
In no period of history has the danger of inventing fake and parallel religions, aimed at internally and externally transforming Islam,  been experienced so formidably.
At this point, if we can be sagacious, we can repel these dual attacks and re-plant the seeds of a fresh journey which will pave the way for humanity.
Turkey is one of the few countries in this out-of-joint world that has historical, mental and spiritual potential to guide humanity. 
Well, are we aware of this opportunity and potential?

What kind of Directorate of Religious Affairs do we need? 

In short, if you cannot protect the main road, you will go astray. It is as absurd to hope that those who have been derailed can show us the way.

If you cannot protect the main road, you cannot fortify it and expand your horizons. 

If you cannot protect the main road, you cannot escape digressing to side roads and being attacked by other worlds.

The British invented Wahhabism and parallel religions to break the backbone of Ahli Sunnah. 

We need a Directorate of Religious Affairs that will protect the Ahli Sunnah backbone, and its founding resources that will interpret variables regarding facts; that will widen our horizon, our minds, and that will set out to steal the hearts of the world. 

That’s it. 


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