‘Democracy game’ played in American elections: Aristotelian, Marxist, Freudian coup! - YUSUF KAPLAN

‘Democracy game’ played in American elections: Aristotelian, Marxist, Freudian coup!

In one of my articles last week, I had reiterated that when Iraq was invaded in the early 1990s, with civilians slaughtered using digital weapons, and the war was broadcast live, French thinker Jean Baudrillard had said, “There is no war in Iraq,” and that this had a “bomb effect” in intellectual circles worldwide.

I had written that no election had really transpired in the U.S., and that it was a provocative democracy game, an Aristotelian, Marxist, Freudian coup. I discussed this in detail in last week’s edition of Gerçek Hayat magazine, and will share a summary here for you.

US elections exposed media discourse

The last U.S. elections went down in the history of media as a black mark. The dirty role played in American elections by the media showed that the respectability of the so-called reputable outlets is valid only to the extent they obey the power and interest groups for which they act as mouthpieces and observers: It became clear that the claim that U.S. media is independent is nothing but a perception operation and a big fat lie.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump was the one who exposed the true colors of American media, the power and interests groups it is used by and why! Though this caused no change at all in the attitude of Turkey’s intelligentsia, who are enamored with their executioner, who act like locusts on a leash, interpreting everything written by U.S. media as a “divine message,” the media openly being used in such manipulative ways is thought-provoking on behalf of humanity!

It is thought-provoking, but not surprising.

Objectivity, independence, impartiality in mainstream media is a complete myth, a tale. Habermas expressed this quite nicely: The great thinker had said, “The media’s function is to protect, strengthen, and legitimize the power and interests of power and interest groups.”

What more could he say?

Yet, the world did not comprehend this as well; it was never observed in the U.S., but those who did were silenced through incredible media fascism, and presented as “sick people.”

Aristotelian, Marxist, Freudian ‘coup’ in US elections!

The U.S. went to the ballot boxes but no election was truly held. The owners, the lords of the global system and companies had held the elections beforehand. Through their perception operations, they had the man they chose elected in advance, and pretended that he was being democratically elected!

But they did this in an extremely despicable manner: They anesthetized people, took control over their minds through perception operations, through pornographic methods!

They turned this mind control operation into a reality by bringing Aristotle, Marx and Freud into the mix.

Hegel had said, “Reading the morning newspaper is the realist's morning prayer”!

Saint-Simon, on the other hand, had described engineers, the founders of Industrial Revolution as the “priests of the industrial age.”

The media are the magicians of our age! News reporters are the priests of our age! Media companies are the secular churches of our age!

America’s choice, or a “choice” imposed on America?

The media is activating, provoking and invading the minds of the masses by bringing into the equation Aristotle, Marx and Freud, all at the same time!

First, they are inventing the good and bad with Aristotle’s drama tradition! Then they bring in Marx, associating the good with “secular Jesus,” and the bad with the anti-Christ, promising a “future paradise”! They demonize the bad, making them public enemy Number 1, paving the way for escape from purgatory.

They may the last move with Freud: They turn people into masses, herds, provoking them with aesthetic methods!

Media is the opium of our age!

They add Aristotle’s tension to it!

Then they add some of Marx’s hostility!

Then Freud’s narcosis to the mix!

They thus shape the perception of the masses, taking control over their minds, with the perception and mind crucified! Preference, will, and choice disappear; the masses stamp their seal inside the desired circle based on the image created!

Democracy is the name of a huge lie! It is also a great plundering mechanism!

It is the mechanism used to hide the thief’s thievery, and present as guilty the one revealing the thief; it is the absolution of the thief, carrying them to the throne as the world’s king!

Democracy is the victory of the image empire of the human mind and preferences!

Democracy is the regime of whitewashing, strengthening and legitimizing corruption, injustices, and tyranny in the best and most provocative ways!

Democracy is a game!

Democracy is not a game you play! It is a game in which you set a game that is played with the democracy game!

Are you confused?

Were you not already?

Or have you a crystal clear idea about democracy!

Do you still think that democracy is the people’s government?

Could democracy possibly be the controlling of the people like herds through provocative and alluring aestheticized methods by producing acceptances, images and desires?

Odd man Nietzsche had described democracy as “herd mentality,” while bright social theorist Michael Mann described it as a complex mechanism that legitimizes murders.

So, is democracy the people’s self-governing, or their being controlled like herds – voluntarily?

The answer you give to this question will determine whether you live in the moment or whether you prefer the truth!

We can start responding to this by tracing the question of whether an election was really held in the U.S., or whether the “selection” was made in advance by the lords of the global system imposed on the people.


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