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Cyprus is now Turkey’s number one security issue

Turkey’s independence is possible through Cyprus.

Find a map and look carefully from Athens to Alexandria. You will see that all the islands other than Cyprus belong to Greece, and if your eyes do not see clearly and you react as saying: “What the hell is this!” and on the contrary, your first instinct is, “So what?”, know that you are “going through mental paralysis and have been enslaved.”

We fought the battle of independence against the British, not the Greeks

The island of Cyprus is right under our nose. There is no need to ask how the Greeks got so close. It is not the Greeks that got so close, but those who pitted them against us to fight the battle of independence – in other words, the imperialist British. We physically won the battle of independence but lost it mentally.

It was the British we fought against in the battle of independence, not the Greeks.

Had we fought the battle of independence against the British instead of the Greeks, Turkey would not have been dragged to the verge of the enslavement of Westernization – and willingly at that.

The British struck two – or several – birds with one stone by pitting the Greeks against us.

They sowed an enmity that would last decades between Turkey and Greece, and from time to time bring the two countries to the brink of war.

Second, they blindfolded us, blinded us to make it difficult for the Turkish public to understand the operation conducted against Turkey for a long time, thus it was not possible for us to understand what happened until now.

It is from here that I want to address the issue at hand: The Cyprus issue was taken care of before the Republic was founded. We physically lost Cyprus – along with giving the British the status of guarantor there.

One of the so-called legitimate reasons the British war craft as deployed on the Greek side of the island of Cyprus today is based on the British being a guarantor country.

They’re going to provoke Cypriot Turks against Turkey

In my article Friday, my aim in saying, “They are going to attack Turkey from Cyprus,” was not to draw attention solely to imperialists flocking to Cyprus simply for natural gas and oil reserves found in the region. What I really want to draw attention to is the horrific truth that our Turkish brethren in Cyprus want to mentally, emotionally and physically detach themselves from us and that this is about to become a reality.

They are demanding this in the name of equality and welfare.

I am warning the officials: The demand of the Cypriot Turks for Turkey to withdraw from Cyprus is going to be voiced louder in the upcoming weeks.

The attempts of imperialists to share the natural gas reservoirs in the East Mediterranean and which make up 67 percent of the world’s natural gas reserves, is going to light the fuse of pushing Turkey into a corner through Cyprus, and some groups on the island are going to be used against Turkey by voicing their demand for Turkey’s withdrawal from Cyprus.

In my article on Friday, I had shared the horrific statements made within the context of the Unite Cyprus Now formation, which voiced the “united Cyprus dream.”

Turkey could not pay attention to a tiny island. It could not enter Cyprus culturally. The island could not breed a public with a common civilization and history awareness with Turkey. Though they have no clue, a mass that despises and fears Islam emerged.

Not even a single school of theology could be opened in Cyprus. As a matter of fact, Cypriots (the Turks, not the Greeks) harshly reacted to attempts to opening a Quran course and imam-hatip school.

We long lost Cyprus, both mentally and culturally. If we are unable to take radical, strong strategic steps, we will only standby and watch Cyprus physically leave our hands in a short time-frame of about 10-15 years.

Cyprus is Turkey’s national security issue

I say this with emphasis: Cyprus is Turkey’s national security issue.

The most strategic breakthrough that will prevent us from losing Cyprus is an education revolution that will see world-standard schools and universities open in Cyprus, which will bestow a civilization perspective and awareness of history on younger generations and all of Cyprus.

If the people of Cyprus share the same values with us, mentally and culturally, we can possibly repel all the plots to be planned in Cyprus. Anything other than that would be a disappointment – both for the Cypriots and Turkey.

All imperialists flocking to the East Mediterranean, establishing buildups there after the reveal that the world’s richest natural gas reserves are located around Cyprus, forces us to re-identify our national security concept all over again.

Therefore, this is now certain: Cyprus is Turkey’s number one security issue.


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