Beware! They want the pre-September 12 atmosphere and social and political chaos! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Beware! They want the pre-September 12 atmosphere and social and political chaos!

Turkey is facing a multifaceted and colossal attack. In the early hours of 2017, an entertainment venue was attacked; a massacre was literally conducted. Now, not even one week later, another terror attack has been carried out beside the İzmir courthouse.

What is aimed is very dangerous: A ground is being prepared for a military coup by creating both the pre-Sept. 12 coup atmosphere and political and social chaos.

Attempts to make Turkey uncontrollable

July 15 is not only a coup attempt, but also the first part of a very comprehensive attack that is planned to continue until Turkey 's brought to its knees, as I said in my first article after the July 15 attack.

July 15 is not a finished coup, but a process of sieging and halting Turkey. This is a great attack that is being conducted from both within and outside and that is continuously enlarged by adding new dimensions.

There is an attempt to create a similar environment to the pre-Sept. 12 coup through terror attacks on especially massive places and through artificial discussions and tension following these attacks: This is an attempt to make Turkey uncontrollable. The ground is being prepared for a military coup.

If we can't identify the problem correctly…

Turkey is facing a great danger: We are not being confronted with the danger of a military coup alone. The aim is to blow up Turkey's fault lines.

After 40 years of the backbreaking Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorism, creating a secular-religious tension through the "secular lifestyle" and transforming this tension into an Alevi-Sunni tension, and God forbid, into an Alevi-Sunni conflict is now desired.

We need to identify the problem very well and clearly; if we make a mistake in identification and diagnosis, we cannot apply the right treatment.

Let us try to identify the problem from the most general to the most specific.

If we can't understand why the Ottoman Empire was stopped…

With the elimination of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey was made to enter a dangerous process that abandoned all civilization claims: The British played a key role here.

The halt of the Ottoman Empire meant the elimination of Islamic civilization, which made history on three continents for 1,000 years and unlike Westerners, it did not eradicate any religion, culture, civilization from the history.

Westerners, especially the British, knew very well that if the Ottoman Empire had not been stopped, the recovery of the empire, which colonized all continents and turned the world into a bloodbath, could not have been prevented.

This is because the recovery of the Ottoman Empire would mean "death" for Westerners in all respects.

This was quite a clear reason: Westerners turned the intersection of three continents, which the Ottomans turned into a land of peace for five centuries, into hell in a century.

The recovery of the Ottoman Empire would first result in Westerners' failure to dominate the region which is the intersection of three continents (its natural resources) and then their withdrawal from the history.

So, the Ottoman Empire was stopped; Turkey was removed from civilization claims and dragged into the threshold of cultural/ontological suicide through a sudden and unexpected laicization process.

Turkey won't be a new Andalusia! Because the public is prepared and aware

The Ottomans could not recover, but Turkey began recovering step by step on the axis of the Ottoman civilization claims in the last half a century.

It began embracing its civilization claims. It came to be equipped with civilization claims and a hope for the oppressed.

This infuriated the West.

With the July 15 attack, the West wanted to deal a big blow to the recovery and rise of Turkey, and its attempt to stake out a claim to Ottoman territories again.

But Turkey would not be a new Andalusia. The public was prepared. This is why they resisted the July 15 attack in a heroic manner and repelled this despicable attack.

Turkey has only one option: Uniting around civilization claims

When the attack on the night of July 15 was repelled, Westerners set terror organizations against us!

In the meantime, they began inciting some circles in Turkey which oppose the country's reclaim of civilization claims.

All power apparatuses were seized by Westerners and cleared of Islam in Turkey in one century.

The country's economy, legal system, cultural world and foreign affairs were handed over to a small elite group. Having failed to subdue Turkey from outside, Westerners subdued the country from inside through these West-oriented elites and managed to remove the country from its civilization claims.

That is all water under the bridge now. The society recovered, gained awareness and somehow embraced civilization claims again.

The problem we are experiencing is an attempt to violently block Turkey's claim to civilization.

It is time for Turkey's secular elites to come to their senses. Turkey will either make history again and embark on a civilization journey that will maintain history by embracing civilization claims; or have a holiday in history extended further by preferring to be the satellite of Westerners; but this period will expire and be wiped off from history.

At the time of the dawn of history when Western civilization has philosophically collapsed and therefore only tries to maintain its existence with vulgar power, all segments of Turkey have to make an intellectual review:

We are no longer doing anything other than being a clown of the West with a borrowed mind in a borrowed world, in a time when the world sorely needs civilization claims which give the right to live to everyone who we somehow represent.

When we re-actualize and reactivate our historical depth and the civilization of truth that is lying ahead of the world, we can begin determining our future.

We can repel terror attacks, the desired chaos and civil war only by being equipped with our common civilization experience.

Therefore, there is a need to increase security measures in the country and spread common sense and good sense in all social segments. So, we need to enlarge our common ground and virtues instead of our weak points and differences.

Otherwise, God forbid, we cannot protect even our presence in these territories.


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