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Beware! The US undermines Turkey, step by step

The Ottomans were thwarted; the biggest obstacle standing in the West’s way was eliminated.

The newly established Turkey's hands and arms have been tied: New Turkey has declared that it entered the Western orbit; that it has no claims and has left claims of civilization behind (by putting Turkey in a complete secularization process).

Turkey was not physically externally occupied, it couldn’t be occupied, but the castle was internally sieged.

First things first; a country cannot recover by changing civilizations – especially not through Jacobean methods and engineering projects. On the contrary, it will first be dragged to the verge of mental and sociological division and chaos, finally losing its orbit, being dragged from side-to-side amid the blowing winds and storms, facing the disaster of becoming extinct.

This is the summary of our century-long journey toward becoming extinct.


The issue is that the Ottoman Empire, which developed the latest and most sophisticated notions and institutes of Islamic civilization in its final two centuries, was left face-to-face with a major civilization crisis.

The civilization crisis had internal and external reasons. But the challenge developed by the Western civilization along with modernity, turned into an attack on other cultures, religions and civilizations. All major civilizations were wiped out; none of them were given the chance to live.

The Western civilization’s challenging form, which turned into an attack against all of humanity, was far from giving the formula for the coexistence with other civilizations.

Such a model was developed solely by the Ottomans.

Hence, the Ottomans for two fundamental reasons needed to be stopped:

First, if the Ottoman Empire could not be stopped, the West could not achieve absolute dominance of the world.

Second, if the Ottomans could not be stopped, it could recover again – indeed, it was recovering; it had achieved magnificent intellectual experience and self-confidence during the constitutional periods. The Ottoman Empire’s recovery could have led to the destruction of Western dominance.

All this may seem like imaginary, abstract, speculative observations to some readers. But it shouldn’t. Because today, even though Turkey is yet to find its orbit, even though it is a member of the Western alliance, even though secularism is imposed as shackles and is never a matter of discussion, even in this state, the wave of hope it spreads from the Balkans to the Caucasus, from Turkey to the Arab world and all oppressed countries is enough to frighten the West, is it not?


Is Turkey really coming?

Yes and no.

No, because it is not yet strong enough to “put its foot down.”

Yes, because the oppressed world looks not to the West, but to us as a beacon of hope; the Balkans, the Caucasus, the entire oppressed world does not look to the West, which has turned the world into hell  by using slogans such as “democracy, freedom, supremacy of the law,” invading wherever it pleases, toppling any leader it wants by declaring them a “dictator,” but to Turkey, which, despite not having enough power, has protected the oppressed beyond its limits (not secular Turkey, a Turkey that is equipped with civilization claims that will recover the Islamic world, steer it to independence).

But why?

Because Turkey is the soul of the world, the nightmare of imperialists and the beacon of hope for the oppressed

This is the burning truth that should not be overlooked, but should be thoroughly reflected upon.


Efforts are being made to bury Turkey deep into internal problems. Internally, the people are being pitted against each other. Different segments of the society – as a matter of fact, the same social segments – are being made to clash with one another by sowing seeds of dissension and disorder.

Yet, the developments taking place externally, on our southern border are dangerous enough to shape the fate of our country and region. The U.S. administration delivers hundreds of truckloads of weapons and tanks to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian offshoot, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), right in front of us.

Efforts are made to form a corridor spanning from the Gulf to the Mediterranean in order to establish a PKK state. If such a thing does happen, this will result in Turkey’s division, and its being dragged to the verge of a civil war – God forbid.


Mark my words; the state to be established will not be a Kurdish state, but a PKK state.

This will not mean that the Kurds in Iran, Syria and Iraq will join to establish a common state.

They will never allow this. Because then they would have dug their own grave.

The state that will be established will be a PKK state; it will play the role of a second Israel and be the source of trouble for the region, and, also for all Kurds in the region.

Daesh’s role will be assumed by the PKK state. This is their plan!

However, the real goal is to divide Turkey, drag it to the verge of a civil war and invade it.

The West did not at all hesitate from making its intentions obvious through the terrorist attacks that devastated Turkey for two years, – though they have stopped now – through the map they published of a divided Turkey, and the “invader” and “coupist” stance they took on the July 15, 2016 invasion and coup attempt.


 Long story short: Let’s stop fighting each other and stand tall. Let us be prepared- military wise- against likely attacks on Turkey, strengthen our defense industry, and, meanwhile, intensify our economic and strategic relations with axis countries like China, Russia and Brazil.

If we can do all this, we will repel any kind of attack and also easily eliminate the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) trouble during this trying period, and advance toward the future. We will be the ones to rebuild the future.

But this society’s historical awareness – even if it has been destroyed – is hidden in the depths and it is during such tough times that this awareness rises.

At a time when the West has philosophically collapsed; when it has nothing left to say to the world, hence has become barbaric; when they invade wherever they can; and make the world suffer, the reality that we are the only ones with something to say to the world has started to reveal itself.

Therefore, we must be prepared, well enough to sow a century’s worth of seeds in a decade, and focus on raising sacrificial, loyal and enduring generations that know Islam and the world well, that are humble, but self-confident and that will pave the way for us in thought, science, knowledge and art.

That’s all.


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