Are you with Turkey or against it? - YUSUF KAPLAN

Are you with Turkey or against it?

Imperialists want, at all costs, to make Turkey kneel.

The U.S. supplying a terrorist organization with 4,500 truckloads of weapons is not for nothing.

Turkey is in a struggle of life and death.

This is a long-term struggle for independence and the future.

Also, this struggle for independence and the future is not limited to us alone; it is directly linked to the fate of our regional civilization.

Turkey’s future is the future of the Muslim world, the world of the oppressed.

Hence, we have reached a crossroads.

The question everyone living in this country needs to ask themselves now is whether they are with Turkey or against it.

This question is an important question that will work, in the complete sense, like a litmus paper.


Being stuck between foolishness and treachery 

Some circles in Turkey are either not aware of the criticality of the situation or, I am afraid to say it, they are in betrayal.

Think about it. A party’s deputy chairman is able to say that there is a connection between the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which is “fighting” side by side with Turkish soldiers in Turkey’s Afrin operation, and al-Qaida, and Daesh.

Think about it. Western imperialist countries are using such organizations, including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian affiliate, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in “proxy wars.” The West is using terrorist organizations as they wish to redraw maps, to pit Muslim nations against each other and to protect their own imperialist interests.

As for Turkey, certain prominent individuals who are members of opposition parties can become foolish enough to refer to a legitimate formation composed of the Syrian opposition fighting for Syria’s independence, which is blocking off terrorist organizations fighting side by side with imperialists to divide Turkey, as terrorists.

 This much foolishness, lack of foresight is just too much.

If those using such labels are speaking in such a way aware of what is happening in Syria, that organizations are used by imperialists as instruments, they are not only foolish but treacherous.

Servants of the imperialists cannot be the children of Salahuddin 

Those from a PKK/YPG background have started the JihadistTurkishState hashtag on social media.

Messages stating that “Turkey is fighting against the YPG instead of fighting Daesh” are in abundance.

It is really unbelievable.

These cannot be the children of Salahuddin.

These can solely be the servants of colonialists, of imperialists.

Do not forget, the children of Salahuddin and the children of the Seljuks were able to thwart the Crusaders’ attacks because they fought shoulder to shoulder.

Now, those who are fighting alongside the children of the Crusaders and imperialists against Turkey, which is the hope of the oppressed – and which has proven this with all it has done – cannot be the children of Salahuddin.

We are going to thwart the imperialists, shoulder to shoulder 

We need to highlight this in our mind: Only if Turks, Kurds, Arabs and other Muslim peoples stand by each other to thwart imperialist attacks, then can we eliminate the imperialists from our region.

In summary: Turkey is fighting for survival; it is fighting a long-term fight for independence and the future. This is why all Muslim peoples from the Balkans to Africa are praying for Turkey, for Turkish soldiers.

Because all Muslims see very clearly that Turkey is the last fortress left standing. It is the hope of the oppressed. It is the spirit of the world, the nightmare of imperialists.

If Turkey falls, the hopes of the oppressed will go down the drain.

Therefore, siding with Turkey is to side with the oppressed, to side with hope.

Standing against Turkey is helping imperialists and betraying history.


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