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Are Turkey and Egypt moving toward a strategic alliance?

Turkey is facing a major siege on land and at sea, while simultaneously making stunning and pre-emptive breakthroughs in the defense industry.

Even though our milestones in defense are necessary to break the siege, they are insufficient. Breaking the siege may be possible not on the ground but through the strategic steps that will be taken at the negotiation table.

Thus, I have been writing for years that we need to mend our relations with Egypt. What will the brainless bunch of bootlickers, who have been picking me to pieces on this subject, say or do when the diplomatic move between Turkey and Egypt, which will gradually put our relations back on track, reaches a certain consistency?

I must first underline that if Turkey and Egypt establish a strategic alliance, and put forth a common stance with respect to expanding this alliance, the region’s destiny might change in the medium and long term, kickstarting the process of banishing imperialists from the region.

Historical steps, strategic breakthroughs

Great states develop strategies and progress with these strategies.

Others, for their part, can only maneuver; neither their means nor psychology will lead to the manifestation of strategic breakthroughs.

Turkey started taking strategic steps particularly after repelling the 2016 invasion and coup attempt with a legendary resistance. It completed important military operations in Syria and Iraq, shifting the balances in the region in favor of Turkey.

One of the most strategic steps taken following these military operations was the Astana Process, while another was signing the Exclusive Economic Zone deal with the UN-recognized Fayez al-Sarraj government in Libya in response to an official invitation from the legitimate administration.

The Euphrates Shield Operation in Syria went down in history as milestone, a turning point, with which Turkey dusted itself off and got back up on its feet, challenging imperialists and saying, “I will not allow the region’s future to be shaped with Turkey excluded from the process.”

Turkey struck a major blow on the puppet of the imperialists, Daesh, with a series of military operations that started with Euphrates Shield. It thwarted Iran’s expansionist policies in Syria, in Iraq, and in Yemen by settling in Qatar. Through its deals with Russia, it took strategic steps that will balance out the U.S. and Zionists.

The last major strategic move was the Libyan state’s call to Turkey to enter Libya. In our two-century history of failures, this was the first time a state invited Turkey as a “savior.” The strategic breakthroughs we made in Libya, in the Archipelago (the Ottoman Empire did not call it the “Aegean Sea” but “the Archepelago”!) and in the East Mediterranean within the framework of the Blue Homeland concept were great, historic steps!

Germans armed the islands; first, the Greeks were provoked against Turkey, then the French! We were on the verge of a war – even if on a small-scale – with Greece and France! Our diplomatic intelligence took over this time!

What we have been doing since the Euphrates Shield were the strategic steps, the initiatives and breakthroughs we hankered after during our two-century history of failure! A pleasing, promising, and reassuring development.

Turkey is gaining strength in many aspects. It is making a breakthrough we did not see in our two centuries of failure. We owe all these strategic steps to the progress we made in the defense industry, and exclusively to Selçuk Bayraktar’s efforts of patriotism.

It will be easier to crack the siege if Turkey mends relations with Egypt!

We have a pressing issue: How can Turkey’s problematic relations with Egypt be put in order? Turkey is under siege from the east, west, north and south! Right now, we need to improve our relations with Egypt by spreading the process over a certain period of time. It was wrong to sever relations with Cairo from the very beginning. Surely we are going to stand up against coups and putschists. Turkey’s stance in Egypt deserves to be applauded. However, the result is against both us and our Egyptian brothers and sisters!

As a state inherited from the Ottoman Empire, Turkey must build relations with all factions in Egypt. This is the attitude that is best for peace in Egypt and for us.

It should not be forgotten that whoever has control over Egypt has control over both Africa and the world. This is the way it was in the past, and it is largely the way things are today. From Alexander the Great to Caesar, from Ottoman Sultan Selim the Grim to Napoleon Bonaparte, those who reigned over Egypt also reigned over the world.

Our aim is not to reign over Egypt. This is out of the question. I simply wanted to draw attention to Egypt’s strategic-historical position.

If you lose relations with Egypt, your relations with all countries in the region will be harmed. If you build strong ties with Egypt, you will have a greater opportunity to intervene in any mistakes within the country as a sister country and more options to determine the region’s destiny in cooperation.

Furthermore, if Turkey manages to establish relations with Egypt at various levels, in the medium and long terms, these relations will also contribute to breaking the siege over Turkey.

Turkey is financially stronger than ever. We are clearly much stronger than we used to be a century ago.

Let us not forget that we are facing a great siege. Putting our relations with Egypt back on track may play a much more determining role than thought in terms of breaking the sieges we are facing on land and at sea.


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