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The West’s multilateral war against Islam

The world as we know it is shattering.We are witnessing the hegemony of the world we know and the world that Western civilization built on earth together with modernity, collapse.The west is the prisoner of the world it builtWe have before us a parad... more

After the hadith, now the Quran has become a topic of debate!

Pandora's box has been opened: As we drew attention for years in this column, after hadith, now the Quran has started to become a topic of debate.Opening to debate the hadith and Quran, the founding sources of Islam, at such a tough and horrific time... more

The world can't go on like this!

The world has gone off the rails.Yemen is dying. The destruction caused by the brutal war in Yemen is particularly leading children to die of starvation. Children are dying in masses in Yemen - in masses.The oppressed people and children of Yemen are... more

We are taking Turkey back, and won’t give it up!

Yesterday in Batman, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group shattered our souls again. Eight soldiers of ours were martyred because a mine bomb was detonated with a remote control.Easy to say! Eight deaths, eight young people in the prime of... more

The real target is Turkey! So, what should Turkey do?

The U.S. is like a "loose cannon," you never know where it will "hit."Following the Brexit process, the EU is now going through the collapse period.The Donald Trump administration in the U.S. declared economic war not only against Turkey, but also ag... more

So what does Macron's 'secularism warning' mean?

French President Emannuel Macron said, while there is nothing in the air, "Turkey is shifting from secularism toward a pan-Islamic direction. We are concerned about this."As the global chaos hits EU countries too, as U.S. President Donald Trump makes... more

Mesut Özil has held up a mirror to the Germans

Mesut Özil is the son of a struggling migrant family. Becoming the target of racist attacks after his photo with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan were plastered all over the media in Germany, in mass newspapers like Bild, the most primitive re... more

After a military coup attempt, we now face an economic coup

The economy will mainly determine the fate of the elections…The values and the balances in the economy being shaken and played upon will cause it to spin out of control.Jewish interest lobby is conducting an operation against Turkey!As the elections ... more

Ottoman spirit and model: The future of humanity

All great foreign historians see the Ottoman Empire as the symbol of justice and fairness. But, in this country, the Ottoman Empire can still be seen as an oppressor and imperialist.Who are such people, if not slaves in love with their executioner, p... more

Saudi Arabia and Iran: Two pains in the neck

Saudi Arabia “boiled over” the previous night. U.S. media suddenly spread coup rumors in the country.To be honest, a “coup” did happen in the country, but it happened a while ago. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was placed in a position by the Jewis... more

Fate-determining elections

Turkey is going to hold an early election on June 24...The decision to have snap elections is not that big of a surprise though.Early elections were coming: President Erdoğan has been taking to the squares and holding incessant congresses...Moreover,... more


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