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Ramadan: A Season of Resistance, Revival, Existence

Ramadan is more than just a holy month in the Islamic calendar. It is a climate, a season. It is a spectacular season of resistance, revival and existence.It is a season of resistance against everything that distances us from God, from the truth. It ... more

Destiny of Islam, humanity depends on Turkey

Turkey is face to face with two important sieges that will determine the Islamic world’s destiny in particular and the world’s destiny at large. One is an internal siege while the other is an external one. Secular siege from insideLet us first start ... more

Turkey’s mere presence is imperialists’ worst nightmare!

I want to start this column with a quote from my previous one:“The Ottoman Empire being stopped changed the course of history. It is after the Ottomans were stopped, or after it withdrew from the history scene, that the Western imperialists, especial... more

All imperialist ploys in our region aim to benefit Israel

Our relations with Russia are headed towards a deadlock.In order to see how the relations we established with Russia will evolve, we need to philosophize in depth about history.All that can be done in the short term and, as a matter of fact, in the m... more

Rand Corporation: The obscenity of ideas

In this article, I want to draw your attention to what Rand Corporation has been doing from a different angle, in cliche terms, from a game-changer perspective. What we have before us, so to speak, is a “think-tank,” in other words, an “idea organiza... more

World peace depends on Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump are going to turn the world into a living hell, one that will be extremely hard to recover from. They are undermining all of humanity by branding a deal that will destroy Jerus... more

The world's Jewish question

Jews played a decisive role in the establishment of the modern world: Capitalism is as much the work of the Jews as it is the British. The whole world is also shaped by the Brits and Jews.This is a big generalization; But this has been the landscape ... more

Muslims have never been slave to politics, until now...

Let’s first cast off our prejudices: The ancient Greeks did not, as it is presumed, philosophize; rather they politicized.The ancient Greeks did not philosophize; they politicizedPhilosophy is a form of thought that the Greeks engaged in through poli... more

The secular and the Muslim Turkey

Being authentic, in other words, sincerity is what will save us: approaching one another with sincerity and our sincere self-criticisms. Hence, those who fail to criticize themselves do not, and should not have the right to criticize others. The segm... more


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