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They are trying to eradicate a thousand-year-old tradition

The West is fighting to both distance Islam from history as a history-making player and to prevent it from coming to a position to make history again. They have been focusing all their global strategies on these two issues for the last two centuries.... more

We have no time to lose; the presidential system is imperative

There is a lobby that opposes the evolution of the parliamentary system in Turkey. This lobby works like the spokesperson and observer of those on the outside – particularly the EU.This lobby does not want the system to change, because on the surface... more

We are going to make history over again...

A new world is going to be established. This is certain. Maps are being redrawn. Political maps, cultural maps, intellectual maps, strategic maps are being reformed from scratch. Hence, huge regional and global problems are being determined once agai... more

As long as the ‘Muslim world’ does not gather around Islam...

The “Muslim World,” which never seems to be able to gather around Islam, has come together in Istanbul. Why have they come together? They gathered to discuss the issues of the “Muslim world.”First of all, there are some basic existential issues the “... more

Media exploitation, cyberterror and the Panama Papers

Since the modern showdown, Western civilization has been sprucing up the world alone and solely using the method of Darwinism, in other words, the law of the jungle. This is what has been experienced for the last three centuries. NAME OF THE GREATEST... more

The postmodern process of war with Islam

The global system has been fighting against Islam since 1989. This is an insidious war that continues with postmodern methods.WARS ARE NOT WON ON BATTLEFIELDS, BUT IN THE MEDIA.The period of modern battlefields is over on a large scale. We are in the... more

Can't this Muslim community make its own constitution?

A constitution is a social agreement. This community was not able to make a constitution. Constitutions imported from France, Switzerland and fascist Italy were imposed on this community. They still do not want to allow this community to make a const... more

Westerners are continuing the 100-year-old war on Turkey

Ankara was attacked for the second time in four months. This time Ankara's heart, the administrative center of Turkey, was attacked. This attack was a declaration of war on Turkey by evil powers. These imperialist wild wolves aren't attacking directl... more

Turkey-Egypt ties must strengthen

CAIRO There was splendid spring weather in Cairo waiting to welcome us when we left the airport. One understands better in Cairo how harsh winter actually is in Turkey. DARK CLOUDS CONTINUE TO HANG OVER TURKEY-EGYPT RELATIONS Relations between T... more

Global war, through Turkey...

The future of Turkey and the world will be determined through the ways the following three problems are solved: First: The globalization process and Turkey's role within this process. Second: The EU process and Turkey's attitude. Finally: The process... more

They are fighting Turkey on three fronts…

In a central place, in the heart of Istanbul, killing tourists is not something you can just overlook. Some powers are doing everything possible to bring Turkey to its knees: They viciously dismembered Iraq and Syria like wild monsters. They exhaust... more


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