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Provoking Islamophobia through imperialist concoctions

It recently came to light that, a year ago, talks were held and deals signed with the Americans on the transferal of Afghanistan’s administration to the Taliban. Later, the Taliban did, indeed, come to the helm of the government in the country.This c... more

Turkey needs a lasting, comprehensive immigration strategy

Westerners invaded all continents, plundered all cultures and enslaved millions of people from all continents.They imprisoned those they brought as slaves in ghettos.Then, in postcolonial times, worker-slaves began to flock to Western cities…THE WEST... more

Why is social media a national security issue?

In my article on Friday, I tried to philosophize on the topic of social media and stated that we would discuss why it’s globally being considered a national security issue. Analyzing social media philosophically, I said that while social media p... more

Mental occupation has become a security problem in Turkey!

Let me start this column with a shocking aphorism: This country was not occupied physically but mentally. This occupation is still in full swing, with all its destructiveness! July 15 was a de facto invasion attempt; The nation has repelled this atta... more

Turkey needs to break the chains of archaeological imperialism

My article concerning the conceptualization of archaeological imperialism stirred numerous discussions. However, it was misunderstood. As a result, I was banished by secular bigots! This is Turkey’s fate! I am saying that not only were Muslims e... more

Turkey is up against a despicable global siege!

Turkey is under siege…From the south, north, east, from the Aegean…From within…This is more dangerous than any sort of foreign attack.  Turkey’s opposition has never been this blind!An opposition leader, Good Party (İP) Chairwoman Meral Akş... more


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