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America's power: University, System, Church and the Jewish power that influences them all!

The U.S. is the world's most powerful country. We all know this.

This power is based on three fundamental trivets: The first is the academy and Hollywood and the popular culture industry, especially the Silicon Valley.

The second is the political, economic and technological systems.

The third is the church.

But the power behind all of these is the Jewish power, which drags all the other powers and the government and controls them all.

The power of the university

The world's most developed and productive universities are in the U.S.

There are about 3,000 universities in the U.S. Not all are first class universities; most of them are useless. Although they might not rate high on the world scale and they might be intellectually chaotic, it is clear that American universities hold a certain standard and quality.

I would like to discuss Chicago University as an example.

Founded by Robert Nisbet and Edward Shils, this university pays attention to social theory and ancient ideas and educates the next generation and representatives. Marshall Hodgson, the author of the best Islamic civilization history book, was also a graduate of the Chicago University, which I believe will rank higher in the future.

Chicago University is one of the best universities in social sciences. It looks like it has about 150,000-200,000 students as it is based on a typical “American campus” style system. But it only has 10,000 students. A giant university with only 10,000 students! The reason for this is that it is not simply a university that gives a “teaching” degree, but rather one that offers post graduate courses, which means it is a “research” university.

Another striking characteristic about the university is that it has three historical churches, a synagogue, a Buddhist temple and an amazing little mosque. The university also has little prayer rooms in different faculties for Muslim students to use. I once again remembered how students had to pray in secret corners and passages and were then blacklisted by the school administration for practicing their religious belief.

I could not stop but think of how universities, which were academically and culturally weak, overlooked a society's history, ideas, art and civilization, blacklisted their students and academics because of their beliefs and kicked them out. Turkey was facing a terrible alienation and destruction.

(I had touched upon how the popular culture industry ran and how it supported the American society and system in my previous articles. Therefore I am leaving this topic out.)

The political, economic and technological system

The second ground of America's power is that it has a well-founded, powerful political, economic and technological system.

This system is strictly supervised by a strong judicial system. Corruption, problems and exploitations are easily and harshly punished by a democratic judicial system. Therefore, the police force is very powerful in the U.S. Their rights are extreme.

The collapse of the U.S.'s (so-called) democratic judicial system will drag the U.S. to the verge of chaos.

The U.S.'s economy shattering and welfare level decreasing may cause the judicial system to shatter, too.

People revolting after Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected president showed us how an economic crisis would shatter the country.

The church functions like opium

The church is the third of the trivet that constitutes the U.S.'s power.

Protestants are the strongest religious group in the U.S. America is actually the only place the Protestants took charge of the “state” and “power” to such an extent. There is a church every 300 to 400 meters in the U.S. These churches are always full for ceremonies. Moreover, the historical churches are not neglected, deserted and empty like those in Europe.

But the church has one function alone: As Karl Marx puts it, the church "… is the opium of the masses.”

Jews will burn the US down!

The actual issue that probably needs to be considered is the power the Jews have in the U.S. Protestantism probably found itself in the U.S., but it led Christianity to be swallowed up by capitalism.

Jews became the world's secret power through America for the first time in history. They have been controlling U.S. media, academy, finance sector, weapon industry, Hollywood, Silicon Valley (culture and entertainment industry) and the Pentagon for a long time, especially in the last half century.

Jews are holding the U.S. up, but the Jews will “burn down” the U.S. and demolish it too!

Jews cherishing power, forcing everyone to submit to this power, will force the real America, the white America and the Hispanic and black America, to rebel against this power!

Trump becoming president is a sign of this.

I will discuss how all this will affect the Muslim world in my next article.

Very dark days await the U.S.


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