A spectre of Europe haunting the world - YUSUF KAPLAN

A spectre of Europe haunting the world

The elections were held in Germany: The fascist party emerged from the elections threefold stronger.

Fascism won the elections in Germany; not only the fascist party but the pro-fascism that has been spreading through Europe in waves.

A couple of months ago, it was again the fascist party that had reached a record high: It received a vote as high as 35 percent in the second round.

Neo-fascism is going to cause trouble both for Europe and the world. But, as a matter of fact, all center parties are gathering power from this wave of neo-fascism. Even though they appear to be losing the elections, in reality, they owe their legitimacy to the wave of neo-fascism. If it weren’t for the wave of neo-fascism, they would lose.

The way for fascist parties is paved by the center parties that gather strength from fascism.

The way to win in Europe is by appealing to fascism once again.

But this is going to lead Europe to lose a lot: Because this is only helps Europe to shoot itself in the foot.

The fast rise of neo-fascism is the omen of a disaster – a global-scale disaster.

Meanwhile, the question is: Why is neo-fascism gaining so much strength in Europe and what kind of affects may this have in Europe and the world?


 There are two visible and two unseen reasons behind the strengthening of neo-fascism in Europe.

The first of the visible reasons is the economic crisis since 2008 that deeply shook European countries.

The economic crisis “collapsed” the countries along Europe’s south line, from Greece to Portugal. It reduced Europeans’ level of welfare, their life standards and negatively impacted growth, causing a boom in unemployment rates – especially in founding EU countries like Germany.

Secondly, the economic crisis shook political, social and cultural balances, it caused an eruption in fault lines and, xenophobia and Islamophobia reached a peak.

The reason behind all this, the actual unseen reason is philosophical. Economic crises, political, social and cultural tremors are all actually results. They are results, not causes.

That the West lacks the philosophical foundations that would allow them to coexist with others, communities that are members of different cultures, is the fundamental reason political, social and cultural crises break out, get out of control from time to time and, as a matter of fact, lead to great wars.

The West is established not on hopes but on fears. It has maintained its existence and hegemony through fears, not hopes.

The dynamic that has brought the West up on its feet, that keeps it standing and alive, at the same time, turns into the dynamite dragging the West to the verge of disasters.

The story of Europe, hence the story of Germany has, throughout history, formed through these fears, in other words, by constantly demonizing the other.


The conclusion we reach from all this is: Every European dream, eventually, has the potential to turn into a frightening ghost that also drags Europe down. The 2,500-year history shows us that the potential of dreams turning into ghosts always – when the time and place comes – turn into reality and hence, disaster.

Therefore, all ventures, leaps in Western history have, eventually, ended in disaster. Those who are in the wrong will eventually get caught up in their mistakes. Getting caught up in mistakes has turned into disaster not only for the West, but also for others, other cultures, other civilizations and worlds.

Humanity witnessed the most frightening examples of this in the two great world wars.

The neo-fascist wave in Europe is sowing the seeds that will drag Europe to the verge of a new great disaster.

This is a frightening potential that will turn the European dream into a ghost once more and, drag not only Europe but the world to the verge of great disasters – this is a bomb that is ready to explode.


 Marx and Engels had made an introduction to the Communist Manifesto in the mid-19th century saying, “A spectre is haunting Europe.”

We now need to change this statement, specifically taking into consideration the adventures of Europeans and generally of the West that have been ongoing since the two world wars to date and which have turned the world into hell, to: “A European/Western spectre is haunting the world.”

History also very clearly shows this: Yes, Europe/the West is a spectre, because the neo-fascist wave, xenophobia, Islamophobia escalating in Europe reveals once more that the West does not give others the right to live, let alone live together in peace with others and is good for nothing other than sowing the seeds of great regional and global disasters.

Unless the West/Europe gets off the world’s back, the world will not see the light of day.




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