A ruthless new epoch is afoot: They will enslave us all with science! - YUSUF KAPLAN

A ruthless new epoch is afoot: They will enslave us all with science!

The lords and soulless, capitalist tyrants have the world in the palm of their hands. By seizing states, they have plunged the world into the process of exerting irrevocable control over the earth in every way possible. Artificial intelligence, genetics engineering, and molecular biology are in the hands of large firms, not countries. 

The ones controlling science are not states but firms! Let us never forget: He who controls science also controls the world!


Because science is the new seductive fake religion of our age! Because when science is mentioned, caution is thrown to the wind.

 The great thinker Heidegger had said, “Science can not think”; it can only explicate the relationship between objects. It can not affix significance to these relations. The job of understanding and making sense of these relations belongs to thought and philosophy.

Using the term of anarchist scientific philosopher Paul Feyerabend, science, which has been transformed into a “sacred cow,” is the only convenient tool, or as Nietzsche puts it, the “secular church,” to dominate the world, to exacerbate capitalism, and exponentially seduce the masses of the contemporary world.

Science is at their disposal, and they’re making good use of it. 

Once upon a time, science was used to liberate humankind; now it’s being used to enslave them.

First and foremost, science had saved modern societies from the assault of the church. Now, brutal, ruthless, soulless capitalist corporations do not hesitate in using science to enslave humanity!

They have the world wrapped around their fingers! And just a few networks at that! Indeed, a few large companies are much stronger than some states, and some giants are reigning over states.

They have virtually taken states captive. They break out crises on a whim and by blackmailing states, they settle or delay these crises through the global organizations under their control. Yes, they drag countries into financial crises; with the economic terrorist organizations such as the World Bank or the IMF under their control, they are destroying countries’ economies and rendering those states dependent on them in all respects, enslaving them under the guise of resolving a crisis.

They offer states the band-aid method to cover up a bullet. They palliate the wound, however now they hold all the cards. Now, they deal the deck as they please, making countries kneel before them. Most of the time, they succeed. The only country they have failed to bring to its knees is Turkey, which has been under the administration of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the past two decades.

Turkey’s secret to resisting the IMF lies here and, boy, is it significant!

Now, they have cooked up coronavirus in laboratories. Scientists of Cambridge University discovered that the coronavirus disease was produced in a lab; however, this report was quickly swept under the rug.

Turkish President Erdogan announced that getting vaccinated was completely voluntary, and that no one would be pressured. Now, global lobbies are pressuring governments around the world to ensure that everyone gets vaccinated!

The increase in cases and number of deaths in Turkey is, of course, food for thought. A similar increase is unfolding worldwide. Not just in Turkey but in the U.S., Russia, and primarily in China.

Hence, I am encumbered to ask: Does someone not want this calamity to end? Is the virus really an insatiable, Frankenstein-like monster of a handful of companies?

Is the world entering a period of coronavirus fascism? 

Vaccine wars are being fought all over the world! Corporations are putting pressure on states to take compelling and binding measures to increase their profits! Is the world heading toward a new era of fascism that represses, suppresses and, over time, destroys individual, social and cultural freedoms and values?

The burning question we constantly need to ask ourselves in the upcoming period is: How did science, which was developed to liberate man, turn into a savage beast that would eventually enslave humanity?


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