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A new world is going to be established, Turkey is going to play a founding role

After World War II, İsmet İnönü had said, “A new world will be established and Turkey will take its place there.”

That's water under the bridge now.

It has become clear that Western civilization has nothing essential to tell the world and it is for this reason exactly that it has no other choice left, but to look to invasions, wars, conflicts and chaos.

A civilization that builds its existence over others' destruction has decomposed and is over anyway.

The world as we know it has reached the end.

It is time to say new things now: A new world is going to be established, Turkey, in the establishment of this new world, is going to play a founding role.

The Ottoman Empire's elimination dragged the world to the verge of disaster

The imperialist West had calculated that when they eliminated the Ottoman Empire, they would be able to remove the biggest obstacle standing in front of their hegemony over the world.

But things would not go as planned.

World War I, which was started to eliminate the Ottoman Empire, to strike the final fatal blow to the Ottomans, whet the appetite of the “great powers,” of imperialist countries.

Less than a quarter century after the elimination of the Ottomans, all the imperialist countries that had gathered for the empire's collapse are now at each other's throats.

As a result, the British Empire, “on which the sun does not set,” became buried so deep in darkness that it would never see daylight, the sun, ever again, and collapsed.

Following World War II, Europe turned into ruins and withdrew from history.

After the second half of the 20th century, Europe showed the will to recover. Europe's reason to recover was an indication that this would not be long-term and permanent: This was fear. The fear of non-existence.

Europe was re-established not through hope, but through fear; it owed both its existence and its three-century-long imperialist hegemony over the world to its founding on fears rather than on hopes.

At the point reached, fear won over unity and the will to unite. Currently, Europe is rapidly being dragged to the verge of a dead-end of collapse, division, xenophobia, Islamophobia – a point of no return.

Well, what is the result?

The result is quite clear: The Ottoman Empire's elimination led imperialist European countries to the verge of disasters, of dead-ends.

Transformation of Turkey from a history-making actor to a holidaying walk-on

Even as it was collapsing, the Ottoman Empire was the world's balancing element. When the Ottomans were stopped, the world lost balance and Europe, after a brief period of welfare, found itself in the middle of collapse, cultural disintegration, philosophical collapse, moral and social collapse.

In the meantime, Turkey, which was not physically invaded by the West, was mentally invaded on the inside by Westernists: It abandoned its civilization claims and generations whose self-confidence was destroyed, historical awareness was lynched, generations in love with their executioner were invented.

Turkey was transformed from a history-making actor to a holidaying walk-on in the history made by the West.

Turkey's strategic horizons exceeded the geography of civilization

It was not possible for this situation to carry on as is. It wasn't possible, yet at a time when Western civilization is being dragged to the verge of collapse, Turkey should have updated and embraced its civilization claims; it should have revived them rather than given up on them. Let alone, the ideological foundations of this were laid during the constitutional period.

Had this gigantic intellectual experience that somehow settled scores with the West, that held itself accountable, been further developed rather than being entirely eliminated, Turkey could have recovered and would not have wasted its energy for a whole century on empty, meaningless internal tensions that turned us against each other.

What's done is done. Now it is time to focus on what is to happen.

The break-outs conducted with Adnan Menderes, Turgut Özal and Necmettin Erbakan have exhausted us, but all these break-outs have laid the building blocks of the tough recovery we achieved with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Despite the many mistakes made in foreign policy, Turkey knew to take a lesson from these mistakes. It made its economy grow and managed to spread Turkey's strategic horizon further beyond its geography of civilization – thank God.

Turkey's return unsettled imperialists

All this indicates Turkey's return and it is being watched carefully by the West. Hence, Turkey's return is enough to unsettle and frighten the imperialists.

But Turkey did not give up and will not give up. Turkey, with the help of God, managed to repel all internal and outside attacks – like the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 operations, the Gezi Park events, the July 15, 2016 coup and invasion attempt.

Erdoğan's visits in the last two weeks to China, India, Russia and the U.S., countries that shape the world's course, are the obvious signals that Turkey is going to play a founding role in the establishment of the world that is being newly established.

Turkey will recover and help both the world and the oppressed recover

All this means that in the upcoming 25-to-50 years, Turkey is going to recover step by step and undertake a long-term journey of civilization that will also help both the world and the oppressed recover.

Of course this will not be that simple. Preparation will be long, strenuous and tough. But with the grace of God, this will happen.

Turkey escaped the great danger and the end of the tunnel can now be seen.

It is now time to focus on our work, look ahead of us, stick together, increase the number of what little we have in common, turn our weaknesses into virtues, spread our virtues everywhere and set off on a long lasting journey to make major revolutions step by step in thought, education, culture, art and media to raise leading generations, great geniuses who, like Imam Ghazali, Imam Rabbani, Yunus Emre, the Great Architect Sinan and Itri, will pave the path and bring the future.

If we succeed in sowing the seed of a century in the next decade, the future will certainly be ours, eternity will be ours.

In brief, a new world is going to be established and Turkey will, by the grace of God, play a founding role in the establishment of this new world.

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