A double-sided attack from within and without exists! Prudence and vigilance are required! - YUSUF KAPLAN

A double-sided attack from within and without exists! Prudence and vigilance are required!

The global system has been fighting against Islam for a quarter of a century since the Cold War ended.

This is a postmodern war. Postmodern meaning two-faced!

The July 15 attempt is a complex and sophisticated attack that is an extension of the global war on Islam, which is hard for us to comprehend.


We are still yet to realize that the Cold War was ended to start the war on Islam. The Westerners enslaved the Muslim World from within during the post-colonial period. They implanted dictator leaders like Nasır into the Muslim world; they exported secular ideologies like socialism and nationalism, yet none of these plans were enough to fossilize Islam.

On the contrary, secular projects like socialism and nationalism aimed to estrange Islam from the Islamic world since the 1970s. However, these plans ended in failure and instead Islam became the spine of the Muslim world in the fields of politics, ideologies, society and morally, stretching from Morocco to Malaysia.

Whereas, they had thought Islam was wiped out of the historical scene when they stopped the Ottoman Empire.

But the total opposite happened. They saw that this wasn't an end, that Islam continued to live and give spirit to the Muslim world. Islam walked over all the secular ideologies that were alive in the lands the Western societies colonized. Thus, this gave hope to the Muslim societies.

Turkey didn't abandon Islam; it shocked the west!

Turkey came to the brink of losing the Islamic spirit during this period. They had thought that Turkey could be colonized from within through the secularism project.

The exact opposite happened in this case too. This society actualized a break-out maneuver. They proved that they could protect the Islamic identity and spirit. The July 15 resistance was an example for the Islamic identity and spirit being reborn from its ashes and rearing up.

The West wasn't expecting such an uprising to happen; therefore, they experienced great shock. Although they were in alliance with Turkey, they refrained from condemning this attack on Turkey, and instead condemned President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey! Thus they showed their true colors. This attitude proved that this attack was planned by the West. The masquerade ball came to an end.

We cannot repel the attack, if we don't see the plan!

As I said in the beginning of the article: The July 15 attempt is a complex and sophisticated attack that is an extension of the global war on Islam.

One of the most important topics we have difficulty gripping is hidden within this: The global system seems to be fighting against terrorism, but it is actually fighting against Islam. This is how the two-faced postmodern war continues…

Let's go into some of the details…

The lords of the global system, the Westerners, say that Islam is a “religion of peace,” yet on the other hand they try to identify Islam with terrorism through postmodern methods.

They are managing this through the media and the terrorist organizations they use as puppets!

They tried to conduct this postmodern, two-faced war style on Turkey after the July 15 attack: Turkey has been attacked via the media on the one hand and Erdoğan is being portrayed as Hitler. On the other hand, the terror organizations have been continuously attacking Turkey since the June 7 election.

This postmodern war on Islam continues through the media too. Nearly all well-known television channels make programs in which they supposedly discuss religious movements, yet in reality they are attacking Islam… This then paves the way for Kemalism and secularism…

This is a form of postmodern war on Islam through Turkey, this time it isn't on a global scale.

The creepy part to this is that the society has taken this bait… Politics hasn't even realized this trap…

We don't have the luxury of making big mistakes!

In conclusion: The global system has been fighting against Islam using postmodern methods for a quarter of a century. This war continues through the July 15 attack on Turkey. Turkey is determined to be the epicenter of this war.

Turkey is under attack both from within and without…

Outside powers are using terrorist organizations in an attempt to turn Turkey into Syria…

While on the inside – visibly - the religions movements, religious orders – in reality Islam – which form the sole source of this community's historical depth, its civilization dynamics, is laid on the target board to destroy this community's resistance points.

Therefore, we don't have the luxury to make mistakes, whether it is within or outside our country.

We need to be prudent and vigilant against the plans and attacks from within and those that come from outside our borders.



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