Islamic world has been physically, mentally colonized for two centuries! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Islamic world has been physically, mentally colonized for two centuries!

Explaining the physical and mental destructions in this country or civilization region through external factors alone indicates intellectual weakness and incompetence. 

Additionally, failing to see the burning truth that modern history is a savage colonial history, through which Western imperialist actors produced a multilateral and broad attack that wiped out all other civilizations of the world, without giving any of them the chance to survive, and disregarding the destruction caused by all these attack forms, reveals intellectual misery and languor. 




Israel’s torture in the last seven decades turned life into hell for Muslims in Palestine. Of course, not only for the Muslims in Palestine but for Muslims in Lebanon and Syria as well. 

Besides people, the occupying imperialist Israel tyrannized countries as well. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are two major Arab countries in which it constantly causes chaos. 

The same goes for Gulf countries! 

Almost the entire Arabian Peninsula is caught in Israel’s trap. 

The Islamic world, particularly the Arab world, has been a slave to the Jews in Israel, the Jews who have control over everything in America, from the Silicon Valley to Hollywood, the economy to the media, the Pentagon to the weapon industry, and the British, who have been shaping together with Jews the Islamic world’s fate for the last two centuries since the Ottomans were stopped. 

So, we have the Jews, who openly decide on the Islamic world’s fate and the British that have been doing the same thing covertly for the last two centuries. 

The British shaped the first century of the two centuries both politically and theologically: They invented the doctrinal and Islamic law movements that will corrupt Muslim societies’ Islamic understanding. 

The seeds of the current-day Kharijite mentality, and the terrorist organizations they use as puppets, were sown by the British in both the Ottoman region and the Muslim Indian region. They developed the theo-political strategies, including Wahhabism, which would divide the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim Indian region, and the Arab world. 

The Jews are currently continuing what they started for the last seven decades, even if through other methods. 

The British first collapsed the Ottoman Empire using theo-political strategies, by dividing the Muslim Indian region. 

Then, Jews took control physically and politically and turned the entire Arab world into scrap. They have the Arabs wrapped around their fingers for the last century! 

It’s unbelievable! They left Muslims both headless and without a body with the collapse of the caliphate, which was the sole guarantee of Islamic union. 

There is not a single Arab country that the Jews – who control America – did not invade or create a military buildup. Moreover, there is also no Arab country in which the bureaucracy, state, elitocracy, and oligarchy are not controlled by the U.K. 

In brief, the Islamic world is a slave to the British and Jewish for the last two decades. 




In summary: The Islamic world was first occupied physically. Then, it was mentally enslaved through the the-political strategies developed. The objective of the Kharijite mentality that was invented in the Arabian Peninsula, Qadianism, and the Qur’aniyyun which were emerged in Muslim India, is the mental emasculation of the physically divided Islamic world, the fallout with Islam’s founding sources, which would thus Protestantize Islam. This, as a result, would push Islam out of everyday life, reducing it to a personal belief, ensuring a prophetless, deist Islamic perspective that serves as “opium” only is enrooted.  

Thus, the physical and outside process of the colonization and division of the Islamic world, and the plundering of its resources was completed in the first century of these two centuries. 

In the second part of these two centuries, the mental and thus the internal colonization of the Islamic world, the epistemic enslavement process, which would prevent Muslims from building imaginative relations with Islam’s founding sources gained momentum. 

These two forms of colonialism were applied not only in the Islamic world but in the entire world and continue to be applied today. 

The result is truly terrifying on behalf of humanity, on behalf of humanity’s future. 

The fossilization of all religions, the physical and mental elimination of civilizations’ grounds to survive and exist, is a great attack against humanity and the truth. 

The fact that Islam alone could not be changed, that the intelligentsia of Muslim societies could not be prevented from building relations with their own founding sources, shows that the resistance points presented by Islamic sources are strong and resilient. 

I initially sat to write this column about the oppression of Muslims in China and India, driven by China's horrendous move to replace the Muslim call to prayer. But we only reached China and India’s oppression now. I will focus tomorrow on this burning problem, which is one of the primary problems that will determine the shape of the world to come. 


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