Is the world capable of eliminating capitalism, reviving humanity? - YUSUF KAPLAN

Is the world capable of eliminating capitalism, reviving humanity?

The world is being driven to the brink of a new world war, step by step. A new world war really means a new hell. If a world war does break out, there will be no country that is safe from it. 



The world has become synchronized. Economies, countries’ economic encoding have become tightly dependent on one another. The Economist magazine illustrated this with a blood-chilling cover during the pandemic period: A hand, a “hidden hand” (or you can call this the “superior mind”) is dragging the whole world to where it wants, towards a certain direction. 

The world is currently being dragged towards a horrifying uncertainty. 

The U.S. is playing with fire, in fact, it is dancing on fire. The U.S. is not dancing solo, it is waltzing with the U.K. - because murderers do the calmest dances! 

The U.S. and U.K. are constantly striving to break out a world war. The U.S. and U.K. are the two founding actors of the global system. I will remind once again that the U.S. always signifies Jewish power: Jews and the Brits, the founders of the global capitalist system, are trying to prevent the developments that will shake their hegemony, the global system in the short and medium term, and collapse it in the long term. They are trying to achieve this by particularly laying siege to Russia, China, and Türkiye. 

What we are seeing now is a visible crack in the global capitalist system. Beyond a simple crack, this is the sign that the global system is starting to crash down with a huge bang. 

In brief, the global system is facing two threats, both within and outside. 



The crack in/within the global system is the reality that the lords of capitalism have also realized that savage capitalism is no longer sustainable. 

The lords of the global system are struggling with two grave problems: First, the cold war order established by the capitalist global system has collapsed. There is no order or stability left in the world. 

Second, the destruction of all options other than capitalism, the leveling, fossilization, and metamorphosing of different cultures or civilizations to the extent of nonrecognition by joining them to capitalism, elimination of all options that humanity would develop besides the capitalist world, the preparation of various actors of the world that have now become standardized, that perceive and implement standardization as the sanctification of power, that have multiplied their power, to be at each other’s throats. 

In other words, the global capitalist system established after the two world wars lost its meaning for existence and its – already non-legitimate – “legitimacy” to the extent that it can no longer offer order and stability to the world. It drove the world to the verge of hell, which is governed by the law of the jungle, where the strong are both sovereign and right. 

The leveling of all world civilizations, canceling out any chances of China and India – countries that have the potential to offer a new civilization opportunity and breakthrough against Western civilization – presenting an alternative by capitalizing on their experiences, eliminating all options for humanity, dooming them to capitalism alone, the conflict and search for an alternative taking place within capitalism, allows the lords of the global system to hold the ropes in any circumstance and condition. 

The lords of the capitalist system prevented a civilization other than the West making a leap by capitalizing Japan, China, India, and the Far Asia tigers. 

Second, they moved the conflict from Europe and U.S. tensions to East and West tensions. Though Europe is not pleased about this operation led by the U.S. and U.K., the global conflict equation being transformed into an East-West conflict, rather than a conflict between the U.S.-U.K. and Europe, in fact, into a conflict between capitalized Eastern actors, who are thus became slaves of capitalism, will mean that the global capitalist system will renew itself and prolong its life, even if the world is dragged into a world war. 




We are the global capitalist system’s nightmare. The Islamic world is the only world that is yet to be completed fused within the capitalist system. It continues to retain its spirit. 

Hence, with China, Russia, and Far Asia countries by their side, the lords of the global capitalist system seem to have reached a position to stop Islam’s recovery. 

Thus, they elevated Islam to the position of being the sole unrivaled option, the only future humanity has to achieve a humane world – whether knowingly or not! 

The Islamic world’s revival will not be happening any time soon. But only for the time being. 

The fact is that capitalism destroyed China and India’s spirit. But it has not yet been able to do the same to Islam – nor will it ever. 

The only world that has the civilization idea and experience to allow all differences the right to exist, without standardizing everyone like the West, is the Islamic world. The Islamic world itself is yet to realize or discover this spirit, but it is still alive, unlike China and India’s spirit. 

If we are aware of ourselves, discover ourselves, and be ourselves, this spirit will revive and shake humanity to come to its senses. 



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