Iranian threat: Laying siege to Türkiye from the south! - YUSUF KAPLAN

Iranian threat: Laying siege to Türkiye from the south!

Muhammad Iqbal asks, “Did Persians convert to Islam, or did Islam convert to Persianism?” and then says, “Islam converted to Persianism.”

The key point to which I am carefully trying to draw your attention is the fact that Iqbal is a thinker who both has well command of the Iranian thought tradition as an intellectual, and is under the heavy influence of this thought tradition.



One of the most fundamental matters I have been discussing in my columns since 1994, when Yeni Şafak was first established, is the collapse of the Ahlu As-Sunnah (Muslims who adhere to the traditions of Prophet Muhammad) foundation, hence the free rein allowed to heterodox movements, particularly the Shiite, Wahhabism, and thus the kharijite mentality, neo-Salafi groups as the destructive results of the civilization crisis we have been going through for the last two centuries.

The Islamic world lost its physical and mental independence for the last two centuries. All its lands were invaded, borders were divided, mined terrains, dreadful conflict areas were invented, and everywhere was turned into a ticking time bomb!

Imperialists, and particularly the British, and the Jews who followed (especially the Jews in the U.S.), detonate the political mines, sectarian and tribal mines in these problematic areas when the time and place is right.

It is for these very reasons that I said there is no such place as the “Islamic world.”

There is no such place, because the Islamic world is a slave for the last two centuries. The world is a place dominated not by Islam but by colonialists: A non-existent world that was first physically, then mentally invaded two centuries ago, emasculated, whose intelligentsia became charmed by their executor, a living dead whose masses were turned into slaves of Western popular culture!

A non-existent country where those who lost their home country live, dragged from one place to another.

Hence, their people were mentally enslaved, then emasculated, allowing imperialists to easily apply control. They occupy wherever they want, cause internal chaos in whichever country they choose, and oust any leader they want.

Looking at the events in the Middle East, Latin America, African and Asian countries after Iraq’s invasion alone is enough to see how not only the Islamic world but the peoples of the world other than the West lost their freedoms through the media and social media!

The West knew very well what they were doing, and for what reason they were doing it, but we have no idea what hit us, the sort of annihilation disaster we experienced, what we lost, and how we became unrecognizable upon being charmed by our executioner!

Is this not horrific enough?



There are two existential dangers awaiting the Islamic world.

The first is the internal collapse of the Islamic world. Imperialists, and their elements or recruits within are realizing this by detonating the mined terrains in question.

The second is the internal “collapse” of Islam. This involves weakening connections with Islam’s founding sources, namely the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad’s traditions, and then completely cutting ties in time. Hence, Western orientalists and their extension – as a matter of fact, their puppet – reformists, are striving towards opening the position of the prophet to question through projects such as Islam without a prophet, and then making the Quran vulnerable to attack.

The objective of the project aimed at collapsing the Islamic world internally, is to bring the Sunni world and Shiite world up against each other, and pave the way for Shiites.





Iran has two crescents.

The first Shiite crescent is cultural: It has instilled the Persian-Shiite culture in all Turkic republics.

The second Shiite crescent is political: The Arabian Peninsula has been sieged.

But the biggest siege is taking place in Türkiye’s south, by settling Shiites in Iraq and Syria. The greatest threat awaiting Türkiye is the Shiite siege in our south. This siege is openly backed by the U.S., Russia, and Jews.

Türkiye saw the danger and did not fall for the game: It managed to break this siege by launching the Astana process with Russia and Iran.

In other words, Türkiye appears to be a member of the Western alliance, but it is excluded from all their institutions. As if that is not enough, it receives one blow after another.

Regardless, Türkiye shows it sees everything, and spoils their game each time. Hence, Türkiye needs to remain in the Western alliance for some more time. We will establish our alliance when it is the right time and place.

Yet, Iran is not a member of the Western alliance, but it is making strategic deals with Western super powers.

Note that the international relations professors who come on television to constantly repeat the fairytale that “Iran is the West’s enemy,” are truly far from grasping what is happening.

Iran appears to be the West’s enemy, but in reality, it is a true ally of the West. Against whom? Against Türkiye, the founding and protecting actor of the Sunni world for the last millennium.  

Türkiye appears to be the West’s ally, but in reality, it is the West’s true enemy. Hence, Türkiye is constantly being sieged both from land and sea, both from the Aegean and the South.

You need to remember that the West has been paving the way for Shiism to become stronger for the last two centuries. The most important texts regarding Islamic thought and art texts that highlight Shiism and the Shiite. They will reach the point where they carefully build the perspective that “Islam belongs to the Shiite,” “Sunnism produces nothing but oppression, dictatorship, and barbarism.”

They never allowed Sunni attempts to build a state in the Islamic world in light of Islamic principles: They buried alive in court Egypt’s only elected President Mohamed Morsi! This is how despicable and barbaric the West and their pro-West elements really are.

Yet, they allowed the establishment of a Shiism-based Islamic state in Iran, and they are currently settling this state in Iraq and Syria to siege Türkiye’s south.

The Shiite fought against us when we were fighting against the Crusades. They crossed the line to such an extent that Salahuddin al-Ayoubi chased them all the way to Tunisia.

The same game is being set up again now: The Islamic world, and especially Türkiye, the historic founding leader of the Islamic world, is being sieged through the Shiite.

This is a very dangerous game. Türkiye is aware of this game, and it will never follow a path that will lead to a sectarian conflict. It will repel all attempts aimed at pitting it against Iran.

This can only be achieved by removing Iran from Syria and Iraq in the medium-term. Thus, we need to develop clever strategies, and enrich the multi-optional foreign policy strategy.



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