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Food self-sufficiency is a national security matter!

The war between Russia and Ukraine drove the world to the verge of a food catastrophe. Türkiye showed its growing regional and global strength in preventing the world from being driven to this food disaster as well. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s efforts to bring together in Istanbul two arch enemies, Russian and Ukrainian presidents, Vladimir Putin and Vlodomyr Zelensky, was a success. As a result, the two enemy countries signed the grain exports deal praised by the world. 

The food issue is a national security matter now. I would like to share with you below an updated version of a column I wrote in the past due to its validity today.


The U.K’s The Economist magazine is one of the most effective mediums shaping the world's fate and influencing those who run the world. 

The Economist reports like it is the unofficial church of today's religion, capitalism, and its tenets of faith, and political economy. Yes, capitalism is the religion of the age, and political economy is this religion’s doctrine!

The Economist, which has been in print for almost two centuries since 1843, is one of the most important indicators that demonstrates how the British (in fact, the Scottish!) shaped the fate of the contemporary world. Their pre-pandemic, pandemic and post-pandemic publication all shows how the British are slyly emerging once again. Among magazines, The Economist presents one of the most provocative interpretations of the world’s course.

The magazine is closely and strategically concerned with the whole world, including all countries, regions, and their primary problems. It keeps a record of almost all of the world’s fundamental problems and archives them. It additionally provides a strategic imperial perspective to the finest details of the problems it discusses, showing how the British may intervene in relation to the problems worldwide.

It operates like the vanguard of the British imperial vision, and of imperialism.

The British were the ones determining openly and mostly through sly, covert methods the problems and borders of the entire world, from Morocco to Malaysia.

Therefore, it is never easy to determine the dimensions of British power!


We know that it was the British who divided the Ottoman Empire, and laid the building blocks that paved the way to our secularization by determining the Lausanne process!

Those who divided Muslim India and made the broadcasts that provoked Hindu terrorism today were also the British! Hindu terrorism openly targeting the innocent Muslims in India made it on the cover of last week’s The Economist!

Nobody is in a state to care about what is happening in India! India is experiencing one of the biggest Muslim massacres in its history!

It must not have been enough that they divided Muslim India, the British are now provoking the purge of Muslims from India! As the world is busy dealing with the pandemic and economic problems leading up to a major crisis, including the rapidly escalating world-scale inflation rates, the British are busy preparing the massacre and exile of the Muslims in India!


The Economist’s edition this week came out with a horrific cover: “The coming food catastrophe!” This is the cover and headline published by the British magazine!

They included some wheat ear on the cover, but looking at it from a distance and without attention, you might think it truly is wheat ear.

Looking at it a little closely and carefully, you might be horrified and shocked when you realize skulls, and the human skeleton is used as grains in wheat!

What do you expect from the British?

That’s just how sly and cold-blooded they are!


We have been repeating for at least the last two years that the food catastrophe is approaching gradually. I reminded in this column on a few occasions that Türkiye transitioning from serving as a food warehouse to a country that takes non-nationalistic steps in agriculture, following policies that ended agriculture and animal husbandry would lead our country to difficult times once the food catastrophe broke out, that the food problem is a national security matter!

Türkiye has no agricultural strategy! The existing agricultural strategy - or the lack of it - is pushing opportunists and thieves to develop an agricultural economy that will undermine the country: Our most valuable agricultural goods are being exported because they are more profitable. The likelihood of a major catastrophe striking the country’s agricultural goods does not even concern some producers, effective producers, capitalists, and those without a conscience!

This matter, problems concerning agriculture and food must never be trivialized!

We need to develop strong and in-depth agriculture and food strategy that prioritizes our country and people’s interests. Strategies that will enable producers to sell their products locally need to be emphasized before it is too late.

Secondly, the abnormal price hikes resulting from the lack of a powerful strategic mind and policy must never be ignored!

The capitalists and opportunists, who take advantage of the crisis atmosphere must be punished severely!

Otherwise, the project aimed at driving masses to the streets is about to be activated.

Remember that most recently the masses in Kazakhstan and Singapore took to the streets, and Singapore was shaken for weeks through social media, eventually leading to the government’s collapse!

Türkiye must be vigilant against all sorts of inside and outside provocations. But first, the duty of developing strong and rational agriculture and food strategy immediately, without wasting any time, must not be neglected! Otherwise, God forbid, it might be too late!


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