China’s double genocide against Muslims must be stopped immediately! - YUSUF KAPLAN

China’s double genocide against Muslims must be stopped immediately!

The slaughtering and oppression of Muslims in two of the world’s most populated countries, China and India, has gone off the rails. Centuries-old historical mosques are being destroyed in China, while East Turkestan Muslims are being subjected to a horrific genocide. Most recently, the despicable communist Chinese administration changed the call to prayer! 

It’s unbelievable, really! 

They are a nuisance! A nuisance for the world! A great nuisance! 

As if China’s oppression is not enough, the Muslims in India are also suffering genocide and oppression. Yet, a real confrontation against the West’s capitalist tyrannies can be possible with an alliance between China, India, Russia, and the Islamic world. 

But it doesn’t seem like China, India, and Russia know that the way to break the West’s hegemony is possible through Islam, as the sole actor resisting capitalism. In order to achieve this, they need to make multilateral alliances with the prospective Muslim world, which will turn to Islam again, and make a new civilization breakthrough. 



In my column yesterday, I briefly wrote about the physical and mental history of colonialism. I drew attention to how first the British, then the Jews have been ruling the Islamic world’s fate for the last two centuries, and how this process may evolve. 

My real aim was to focus on the oppression of Muslims in India and China. Therefore, I felt the need to write about the open and covert history of colonialism, by revealing how the British and Jews enslaved the Islamic world for the last two centuries, even if briefly. 

Today, I am going to write solely about the incredible and horrific genocides against Islam and Muslims in China, and to where this will lead the world. 

Muslims are being incredibly oppressed for almost a century in China, and half a century in India, but nobody twitches an eye! Yet, what is happening in China is a horrific genocide! 


Genocide is a crime against humanity, and countries and actors committing this crime are punished severely. It is not only countries committing the genocide that are guilty, but also the countries that do nothing to prevent genocide. They are their partners in crime. 

The Uyghur Xinjiang area, which we call East Turkestan, is China’s most strategic area in many respects. Geographically, it is as big as a quarter of China, but its population is probably 5 percent of China. 

The Xinjiang region is the origin of China’s most strategic natural sources, as well as the Silk Road. East Turkestan has a strategically matchless position. 

All these are reasons underlying China’s biggest oppressions and genocides of the century in East Turkestan! No reason can ever legitimize genocide! 



As the natural sources are found in the Muslim region and based on the reason East Turkestan might demand independence in the future, China might be wanting to stop the Muslim population in advance. Thus, the Chinese communist regime wants to destroy Muslims’ Islamic identities, cultures, histories, memories, and sensitivities through assimilationist policies for such reasons. 

Children are being separated from their families in East Turkestan and turned into mindless slaves in accordance with party ideology! 

Chinese males are entering Muslim families through marriage, destroying the Muslim family life, with disgusting and terrifying events taking place! 

Islamic beliefs, values, history, and civilization are not taught at schools. On the contrary, there is an effort to make them forgotten! School textbooks brainwash small children’s minds by instilling in them the communist ideology. 

China’s latest barbaric implementation was the replacement of the Muslim call to prayer. This is cultural genocide! Such a despicable and evil act could only be done by evil states like China, which has become soulless as a result of its communist ideology! 

The Muslim call to prayer has been changed in China as follows: 

Oh the children of our nation, the children of our nation 

Our nation is great 

It is time for prayer, come make your wishes 

Let us pray for our nation’s eternal peace 

Our nation’s development and wealth 


The iqamah, which is the second call to Islamic Prayer, given immediately before prayer begins, is changed as follows: 

The Muslim call to prayer has been changed in China as follows: 

Oh the children of our nation, the children of our nation 

Our nation is great 

We have prepared for the prayer, we request success 

Let us pray for our nation’s eternal peace 

Our nation’s development and wealth. 



I am speechless. The Muslim call to prayer is the same worldwide, with the exception of minor local differences! 

China is committing cultural genocide. China’s cultural genocide following its human genocide is very thought-provoking and concerning. 

Both the human genocide and the cultural genocide in China must be stopped immediately! 



The West brought Asia to its knees, but not through conventional war methods: Through mental transformation. 

Latin America and Africa were occupied through physical colonization. The historical civilizations, cultures, and religions on both continents were wiped out from history through direct attacks by the West. 

Asia, on the other hand, was taken over through mental colonization.  



The 5,000-year Chinese civilization was fossilized, and China’s spirit is being destroyed. But China seems to be taking revenge for this from Muslims! 

China will continue its presence as a slave of capitalism only. It cannot offer a strong civilization idea against Western civilization. This is no longer possible. 

Only Islam can end the three-century-long capitalist world order and the oppressive hegemony over the world, not a China that has become soulless. 

Islam alone can help Asia recover, save it from the Western reign and liberate it! 

Making capitalism kneel while reviving Asia and bringing it back up on its feet is possible only through a powerful Islamic civilization breakthrough. 

How this may be possible is the topic of discussion for another column. 

I will leave it at this for now, and I call on the whole world, and especially the Islamic world, to end the genocide of Muslims in China and India. The oppression of Muslims in China and India is no longer bearable! This tyranny must stop immediately! 


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