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The US’s endless wars and Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to swiftly withdraw American soldiers from Syria, but he couldn’t do it. Consequently, it was decided that around 400 soldiers are going to stay. According to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, as soon as the U.S. t... more

Is all this a coincidence?

Israel will be holding general elections on April 9. The country's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is backed into a corner due to corruption accusations, wants to win the elections by establishing alliance with the most radical groups of Isra... more

Trump is being cornered by the US Deep State!

During his Presidential Campaign in 2016, U.S president Trump promised that he is going to withdraw American soldiers from Afghanistan and Syria. Trump repeated his promise many times after he got elected. The “establishment” reacted against Trump’s ... more

What will a more diverse US Congress change?

After the midterm elections held on Nov. 6, 64 new Democrats joined the U.S. Congress’ House of Representatives. Among these new members, the most prominent are Ilhan Omar, who is a Somali American; Rashida Tlaib, who is a Palestinian descendant; and... more

Anti-BDS bill supporting Israel has divided the US Congress

The U.S. Federal government has been closed for three weeks because of Trump’s insistence to build a wall across the Mexican border. Trump isn’t agreeing to sign the budget draft unless a fund is also allocated for the wall. Democrats, on the other h... more

What awaits Trump in 2019?

The Trump administration is entering the year 2019 with some uncertainties. The most important development that is going to take place in 2019 for Trump is the “House of Representatives” beginning its new term. The “Democrats” gained the majority of ... more

Is Trump going to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan?

U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria was an undesirable development for the “Neocons,” who want a “perpetual war”, for the “global American interventionists” and of course for Israel. This decision also harmed the rela... more

Will the US take its hands off Syria?

U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis, who resigned as a reaction to Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, had set the date he will leave his position as Feb. 28, 2019. However, Mattis also criticized Trump in public by writing a detailed letter ... more

Trump is back!

Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Syria landed like a bomb and as a result, everything turned was upside down in Washington. Bringing the U.S. soldiers back home was one of the promises Trump made during his presidential campaign. This ... more


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