Your language is VULGAR and your consciences are made out of STONE - YASIN AKTAY

Your language is VULGAR and your consciences are made out of STONE

In the previous days, I’ve encountered a TV program, where Enver Aysever shouted at Halime Kökçe saying, “You’ll be put on trial” by waving his finger at her, like a slogan within a militant obstinacy. Even though I didn’t have a grasp of the matter, since I didn’t watch it’s beginning, I immediately felt the discomfort of witnessing a vulgar attack on a woman, who had been the respondent of those words, and the difference of tone between her and the one shouting at her.

When I watched the program for a while, I understood that the matter was about the famous Kabataş incident. What was Halime Kökçe being accused of? She was accused of making news about a woman, who claimed that she had been harassed near Istanbul’s Kabataş ferry port and received a medical report due to that, even though there had been no video footage about it, and supporting that woman with her news and speeches.

According to the Gezi-supporter segment, this was something enough to be put on trial. We are witnessing this as it gradually turns into another assailant campaign. The real target of the campaign is Elif Çakır, who made that news first.

However, this campaign is advancing like the out-of-control masses in the Gezi incident. Bravo to the one who can stop the first person that mentions this name. They start from Elif Çakır and perform the most savage examples of expression vandalism against everyone, including her, from Halime Kökçe, Nihal Bengisu to Balçiçek Pamir and even to İsmet Berkan.

By looking at the language, expression and savageness of the lynch attempt, which is steering especially towards Elif Çakır over the social media, you can easily understand that everything is possible in what’s being said about the Kabataş incident. There are no crumbs of consciousness, which is not petrified, left to detain the people, who can do this ribaldry and rusticity via social media. In these circumstances, they will behave rudely, throw stones, sling mud at others, rape, and if they find the chance, go on a slaughter. They also did. They turned countless lies into money, and sold them. They took the cheapest propaganda and fed it as the most expensive to this nation. Their styles of existence are lynching, lies and slander.

They are directing the arbitration of the happenings in the Gezi incidents on Kabataş incident. As if, if there are no evidences in Kabataş, the blunder caused by the Gezi Vandals will be purified. You don’t even need to come to Kabataş. Gezi is not only consisting of Kabataş. How can you vouch for everything the Vandals, who you’ve provoked and released to the streets, caused all around Turkey on that day? Don’t go anywhere, just look at what’s written on the walls of Taksim by the Vandals, whom you think are valuable by saying, “Oh, look at these x, y, z generations, they are making great jokes”, then you can find thousands of “KABATAŞ” (In Turkish, Kaba means vulgar, taş means stone). In those days, all the people wearing a head scarf were feeling great danger when they were out in the streets. Thousands of factual or verbal harassments and attacks had been experienced in those days. There are innumerable incidents from what we’ve directly heard. Will those leftists get close to self-criticism within the drunkenness of seeing the sparks of the expected revolution in the Gezi incident?




Even just hearing proletarian revolutionist footsteps from a dynamism, which had been completely supported, provoked and marketed by the finance capitalism bosses, are a source of shame for the leftists in Turkey. Besides, what can we say against the people, who are constantly speaking of women’s rights, to join the incident, which has no other meaning than responding humanely to a woman who claims “to have been harassed”, by persistently saying “where are the images?”

Haven’t we made a decision? Wasn’t it that the statement of any women, who comes out and says she has been harassed, would be sufficient? Wasn’t it that no evidence would have been asked from her? Didn’t we reach a consent on this matter as the most meaningful precaution against the violence towards women? How fast can you go back on your words and violate your principles?

Now come out and say, “From now on all the women, who claim to be harassed, should take a lesson from the Kabataş incident and bring images or evidence!”

Come out and state this, and just watch how fast you lose face.

There were finance capitalism masters between the actors, who were in the background of the Gezi incidents and whose participation has never been accepted by the leftist circles. However, there was someone else: the Pennsylvania group. There was nothing more in hand than the agendas and arguments whispered by them. They made the international PR of the whole incident. The Pennsylvania masterminds, who had their followers/members consume religion like opium, are showing their skill in deluding the world. Oh, my comrade, who regards the possibility of Revolution as a light at the end of the tunnel after centuries! Come, and make the self-criticism and analysis of the Gezi incident calmly and under the light of Marxist principles. Who were the proletarians there? Who were the possessors of the ideological wealth, who was the rulership, who was the voice of the poor? It’s clear that you never read Marx, or, you’ve forgotten it.

Elif Çakır, Halime Kökçe, Nihal Bengisu, Balçiçek Pamir, who all had been exposed to lynching due to the Kabataş incident, did what they were supposed to.

The verbal violence they are exposed to today, is making it easier for us to believe the things said about the Kabataş incident.


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