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Will this news benefit MHP or HDP?

The resolution process can be seen as one of the most critical issues in the coalition talks whose second stage will start today. The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has been stating that they are completely against the resolution process and claimed that the coalition should be formed by the three remaining parties which acted in cohesion regarding the resolution process since the beginning.

However, the MHP's attempt to stay out of the process in such a manner is rather strange, as it should have been attempting to block this if it was truly against the essence of the resolution process and believed it harmed the country. For this, it must be more lenient towards a coalition with the AK Party, which remains as the only option in front of it.

In fact, it is doing all that it can to maintain the resolution process –which it perceives as treason- under the scope of treason. It is quite difficult for us ordinary people to come to the conclusion that MHP is against the resolution process. For this, we will perhaps have to push the ways to think like Devlet Bahçeli, the chairman of the party.

However, there is such a reality in view that it is difficult to believe that the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) –which claims that the resolution process is the most critical condition of coalition talks, even if it is included in the system or not- is truly supporting the resolution process –based on its attitude and stance. There is such a strange and difficult situation, which is quite difficult to define under the scope of political mind limits.

Since the beginning, the HDP opposed the AK Party by creating a “language of hatred and enmity- but on the other hand they also requested who the AK party should form a coalition with, and that resolution process must be a part of the coalition. Alright, but does that HDP have any effort, suggestion or work regarding the resolution process? No. We are facing a situation where everyone expects everything from the AK Party.

In his column at the Turkish Star daily, Orhan Miroğlu has drawn attention to the peculiarity that is evident. Since the beginning, only the AK Party and the HDP –in a hesitant manner- participated in the resolution process. The MHP and the Republican People's Party (CHP) did not only avoid taking responsibility, but now everyone suggests that the AK Party, which undertook responsibility by itself, should remain alone. In fact, as Miroğlu indicated, the AK Party is no longer the only respondent of the resolution process or it was kicked out by the election coalition in the latest elections.

The AK Party was forced to pay for the price of the resolution process by itself and now they expect it to continue to pay for the costs alone. The co-chairman of the HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş, is busy explaining how they do not have the ability to make the outlawed PKK disarm, but on the other hand he wants the government to take more active roles in the resolution process. It is evident that their habit to expect everything from the AK Party will leave them completely out of the scene after a while, and they will leave themselves with nothing but touristic souvenirs from the trips made to the İmralı prison to visit PKK's jailed leader, Abdullah Öcalan.

The AK Party proceeded with the resolution process, with all its sincerity, and took the risk of paying the heaviest political cost. However, its expectation from the BDP and HDP –which allegedly have relations with the PKK – was about ensuring disarmament.

In truth, disarmament was the indispensable condition of the resolution process. However, since the days the process started, the organization did not lay down its arms, and even increased its staff in the mountains and obtained more arms, while exploiting the advantage created by the atmosphere of peace.

Today, it rules over the lives of the average people through the dominance it has established, and collects extortion –even more than the amount of taxes collected by the government-. As a matter of fact, while the government re-spends a part of the taxes collected, to the region, the whereabouts of the money collected by the PKK is unknown.

It seems like the organization has enjoyed this situation quite a lot and does not want to renounce the current economic and political situation. In fact, it also increases the vote rates of the HDP –thanks to its sphere of dominance-. For this reason, we cannot expect the HDP to make PKK do things, based on the nature of their relation.

The summary of the resolution process as it is now is as follows: it started off with the AK Party's good intentions, with great sacrifice, and is nothing but a grand exploitation of the process. In the history of the Turkish Republic, they did not hesitate to portray President Erdoğan as someone who exhibited great sacrifice, sincerity and love for the process –despite the risks of the Kurds' assimilation and denial policies as “an enemy of the Kurds” through dirty defamation campaigns.

Their conscience did not even hurt at all while doing this, and the only thing they focused on was to kill the image of “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the true friend of the Kurds” in the eyes of the Kurdish people. They did not hesitate applying all means possible to do this. They turned Erdoğan's sentence when he said “Look, Kobani is about to fall,”- and presented it as glad tidings and were able to make Kurds believe it. This sentence alone is said to have had significant influence on the vote of the HDP electorate, who previously voted for the AK Party, but to what extent this is true, those votes are the work of lies and slander –to that extent.

Alright, but who do the votes –which are based on slander- benefit? At the end of the day, the AK Party has reached a point where it will not be able to proceed with the resolution process the way it used to before. From now on, it will not be possible to carry out the resolution process in this way.

We cannot tell anymore; will this be good news for the MHP, the HDP or the PKK?


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