Weren’t you saying the Resolution Process should be ended? ‘Whom is this servicing?’ - YASIN AKTAY

Weren’t you saying the Resolution Process should be ended? ‘Whom is this servicing?’

Of course, we weren't expecting the ones, who almost regarded the Resolution Process as a betrayal until now, related every incident to the Resolution Process and pulled all kinds of tricks in order for the process to come to an end, to make rejoicing statements after what they desired was actualized and the Resolution Process is put in the fridge. We were expecting the complete opposite, and it happened that way also. After the Resolution Process was put in the fridge, they started slamming the government due to the ending of the Resolution Process. The consecutive news of martyrs is forming the most suitable atmosphere to ascribe their attacks on others' pains, tears and cries.

It's being understood that the one, who introduced himself as a relative of the martyr during the funeral and started the protest, was a DHKP-c militant that had no relation with the martyr, and the one, who had undertaken the same act in another funeral, was a PKK terrorist. In another funeral, MHP youngsters are conducting the same act.

Even before the beginning of the Resolution Process, the martyr funerals were used by MHP as a tool or a factor to increase their votes. Thus, even if MHP does nothing, these funerals were the most important instrument for the focal point's warmongering.

Think about it; as a political party, you don't need to develop any solution, project or program related with the issues your country is experiencing. The war and all the martyr funerals, which can be regarded as a result of this war, will be working in favor of this party.

Actually, the idea of preventing these martyr funerals from becoming a cheap tool for some people's politics was one of the factors that convinced everyone of the Resolution Process's necessity. More precisely, the Resolution Process was a result of a mindset, which had been continuing for 30 years, that wasted the material and spiritual resources of the country, and related with the necessity of attempting a different way for resolving a chronic issue.

As a result of the war, which was carried out for 30 years, around 50,000 people lost their lives; however, eventually neither the government managed to resolve the issue nor the organization made any progress. This vicious cycle was constantly threatening the unity, amity and the communal peace of the country. And while there were no signals related with the resolution of this, the same incidents and same results were creating a surfeit in the community and the expectation for a different resolution way. The Resolution Process was an answer to the expectation of opening this field to politics and the demand to stop the bloodshed. It was a great and brave step taken by a political understanding, who set its mission to keep people alive, rather than killing them, towards stopping the bloodshed.

However, the main assumption of this great step was that when the ones, who are carrying weapons, found a complete democratic environment, where they can freely express themselves, they would not be needing the weapons anymore.

After all, complete democratization was the mission embarked by AK Party without needing any demands. Thus, the only thing remaining was for the organization to lay down their arms and retreat, and for the government to avoid conducting any operations meanwhile. Unfortunately, even though the government kept its promise, the organization did not lay down arms. On the contrary, by being successful in acting like they are not ignoring the Resolution Process, they gradually increased their armed existence and field domination. They did not attack the security forces directly; however, they increased their pressure over the community and their armed elements. This situation is actually showing us that they weren't loyal to the process since the beginning, and they had betrayal intentions. There is no point in presenting the slaughter of two police officers, who were sleeping in their houses in Ceylanpınar, as the sole reason of ending the Resolution Process. Until that incident, the organization played a game over the region, which can be stated with words like “self-defense”, “autonomy” and “cantons”, and it had turned into an imposition that cannot be endured for the regional community. If the Resolution Process is conducted with the well-intentioned patience of the government, there is a danger for the despotism established over the region by the organization to direct us to a completely different result related with the security of the country.

Did you say 'sibling fight'?

Ekrem Dumanlı is saying, “Where is the intelligence agency of this country?” by referring to their failure in preventing the recent terrorist attacks. He thinks that he is showing us what the absence of the parallel group's liquidated police officers has cost us. However, he is not even aware that his cries are revealing the parallel group's share in the PKK terror. Following that, while our soldiers are being martyred by the PKK members, the Zaman Newspaper is referring to this as a “sibling fight” and crowning their betrayal.

However, there is no sibling fight. The Turkish community is brothers/sisters with all its elements (Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Cherkes, Alevi, Sunni), and this fight is not happening between siblings. The essence of the matter is the joint attack of sub-contractor and treacherous organizations on Turkey, and Turkey's self-defense against these attacks.

These attacks existed before the Resolution Process, which you referred to as betrayal, and the process stopped this bloodshed. There is an inevitable state of national defense as a result of the exploitation of the Resolution Process, and the positions of people are not surprising in this defense. The enemies of the nation are carrying out their duties. With the “zeal” moneys collected from our nation, now the parallel structure is assuming its “services” on the same side with PKK. I wonder; to whom is this service being rendered? Or, who is serving who? Truly, when did you become siblings with PKK members, whom you have killed in every period, and how come you are trying to make them siblings with the children of this country they intend to kill?


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