Turkey’s elections are imminent; let’s close ranks - YASIN AKTAY

Turkey’s elections are imminent; let’s close ranks

We are on the eve of another election. With this election Turkey will elect its local administrators, but the impacts will certainly be beyond local. Since Turkey is no ordinary country, no event taking place in this country stays within its local boundaries. That is why, the impacts, reflections and the importance of these local elections are beyond domestic.

As our president always says, Turkey’s cultural geography today is beyond its physical borders. You can’t even begin to imagine who will be following the elections we are going to hold tomorrow, and even with more excitement and attention than we are, the Turks who are actually going to vote. Among those who feel this excitement, there are of course those who want to hear the news of the defeat of Erdogan’s Justice and Development (AK) Party. They won’t suffice with only watching the process passively and doing nothing. To witness Erdogan’s defeat, they have probably already set their traps and played all their cards. Not only in this election, but they also tried to do the same in every previous election. We don’t need to rely on conspiracy theories in order to understand what kind of interventions are being conducted in the issues such as exchange rate fluctuations and the change in food prices, which seem unrelated in the first place.

Some others, of course, will wait to see their hopes, which depend on Turkey, bloom once again.

I can never forget the kind of joyous celebrations in Tel Aviv, Washington and the Vatican after the results of the June 7, 2015 elections were announced. The results which seemed as if the downfall of Erdoğan and AK Party was near were delightfully celebrated in those cities. They revealed all their hatred.

However, even after those elections, although its votes decreased, AK Party was still the number one party in the country, and it didn’t seem possible to form a government without it. At the time, it created a mourning atmosphere on the streets of Gaza, Mecca, Medina, Cairo, and Aleppo. After the snap elections held right after it, there were opposing reactions in the same places. The streets of Gaza, Mecca, and Medina were filled with joy.

Thus, Turkey’s elections are not merely the elections of the people living in Turkey. It also has a direct impact on the mood and psychology of the oppressed of the world. Elections are of course everyone’s individual choice. Preferences start to be made from the beginning of the nomination process. This first step is the phase in which people announce what they like and the things they are uncomfortable with. In this elections, as always, there may be more discomfort compared to any previous election. However, there is no way to completely resolve the dissatisfactions about the elections. This is the nature of work. Carving out a different option than the one set forth would only lead to losing all the political gains made so far in a truly disappointing way. At this stage, it is actually not that difficult to choose the best for the country, the Muslim world, the oppressed and the persecuted.

Those who are still indecisive will see clearly who is actually dealing with what, after considering the preferences of the other alliance.

We need to especially realize the plot of those who try to convince the Kurds to vote for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), by accusing AK Party of aligning with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP). If the MHP were a fascist party in which one could never find common ground, why was HDP ready to form a coalition with MHP after the June 7 elections, as long as it was against the AK Party? Didn’t HDP change its discourse and attitude after it saw such an opportunity? What about today? Isn’t the HDP allied today with IYI Party, which uses the same ideological discourse and has similar party alignments with MHP and with the representative of Kemalism, the CHP? Who are you kidding?

We have no choice but to realize the plot and who is hiding behind these arguments and the actors who have infiltrated us.

Today is the day to close ranks and prevent any infiltration.

Please leave aside the questions of what others will do to us, what will they whisper in our ear, the arguments they will put forth and all the tricks they will pull to convince us to abandon our cause. In this process, our biggest enemy is our own self.

That is why we always pray: “We seek refuge in our Creator and Master from the harm of our self, our all actions and their consequences” and recite “Bismillah”.

May Allah (God) not let this nation fail in its objective to be the hope of the oppressed. Imagine a world in which Turkey doesn’t have this concern or the power to follow this cause. The only thing we can say is: God forbid!


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