'They only fooled themselves' - YASIN AKTAY

'They only fooled themselves'

I've talked about the matter of robot authorship. With the same topics, mould arguments, examples and data, it's suddenly turning into a campaign to which many writer-looking robots are jumping to. Are they trying to show how some AK Party members are unprincipled, how much of an Öcalan fan they are or how they are crypto PKK members by presenting consecutive examples of who said what about Öcalan in the past?

Really, do they know what they are doing? Do they possess the capacity to read and understand things? It's inexplicable to find out whose sheerness they are trying to present. While conducting these campaigns, they are also criticizing the operations against PKK and they are relating it to AK Party's warmongering attitude. Which attitude of yours should we believe in? We are not talking about a change from one time to another; we are rather talking about the two attitudes being presented simultaneously …

Now, a new program had been uploaded to our robots. While criticizing PKK for not fulfilling their promise in the Resolution Process and explaining how they speed up the arming process in order to sabotage the Resolution Process, these pseud robots made out another “confession” from our statements. We are referring to it as “another confession”, because in some software, it seems that the robot is repeating Erdoğan's “we gave them whatever they wanted” statement for the parallel structure. They say that PKK fooled us and we let them fool us. They say that until now we cannot openly confess this reality that was kept hidden until now. They say that we became deceived by the “parallel” structure and the PKK; it seems that this state of being deceived is a habit.

If these robots possessed even a fraction of intelligence, we will treat them as respondents and explain it to them. However, this is a robot. What will you explain to them, and what will they understand? There is software uploaded inside them; unless you change that software, it will continue repeating the same thing. By the way, of course these robots don't possess the need to think about whether a consistency is required or that there should be continuity between their statements.

Still, let's still try to explain to the ones who are willing to listen, so that the ones who can use their intelligences will have no more argument against the reality.

It's not like we've stated that “PKK is sabotaging the Resolution Process since the beginning” after the operations began. Since the early stages of the Resolution Process, as an intellectual and politician, we've continued to make warnings to PKK and BDP-HDP in this direction. For many times, we've stated PKK had turned the peace environment in the region, which had been provided after the government stopped the operations due to the Resolution Process, into an opportunity to reinforce their own armed authority and this is an opportunism that is threatening the process.

Let me remind you that our Prime Minister made an extremely clear warning against this situation; “the 'public order' will not be sacrificed for the sake of the Resolution Process, and that everyone is aware of the attitude presented by the organization and HDP, and this will not be overlooked”.

It's not a secret that the PKK is actually doing other things while they verbally said that they are preparing to lay down arms during the Resolution Process. Of course, the PKK was trying to fool everyone with their cunningness. However, in reality, they were the only ones being fooled.

We needed to present an opportunity for peace, dialogue and communication in order to resolve the problem and stop the blood from being shed for the past 30 years. With that, we were going to virtually show to PKK's target mass that there is no environment that requires armed struggle. On top of that, in reality, we were going to show everyone that Turkey is able to solve its problems by talking, and more importantly, we were going to stop the blood of our people from being shed for no reason.

PKK used the ceasefire environment for the sake of their own field dominance and for their cunning plans, rather than permanent peace and resolution. They attempted to openly fool the ones, who had good intentions, and actually fooled themselves in the end. Now, everyone can see this opportunism and everyone is of the opinion that they don't possess the right to be a side for peace. Today, Turkey is conducting their operations against PKK on a stronger legitimacy and rightfulness platform. With the rightfulness, greatness and power of having resolved the Kurdish issue, Turkey is fighting against the PKK terror. Before the Resolution Process, the Kurdish issue and PKK issue couldn't be easily differentiated. Today, everyone agrees that both of them had been separated. Unlike some PKK members, who attempted to cunningly reflect it on the Kurds, Turkey is only fighting against the PKK terror and Turkey possesses an extremely strong rightfulness platform in this war.

Despite the opportunism of the PKK, the Resolution Process wasn't completely gone for nothing. We can even start counting the gains from this point on. The situation in this deceit, which we've been exposed to due to “having given everything to the parallel structure”, is definitely different; however, its outcome is the same. You cannot administer a community over a lack of trust or assuming that the people have bad intentions essentially. You cannot criticize anyone due to the things they say and for the crimes they didn't commit yet. Nobody would have guessed that the activities, which had been presented as great “services” by successful PR studies, would be turned into a great betrayal operation. Anyone, who came to the government in the same way it's presented as a service, would have received the same encouragement, admiration and support from the government. They still can. In other words, it's not like this support was special for them. Then, this move fooled some, but whom in the end? Didn't they only fool themselves? Today, do they have any remaining bit from their reputation and plausibility compared to two years ago? I guess not.

Should these two examples be a lesson to all the opportunist-, esurient- and bad- intentioned people with intentions to deceive others?

“They are not fooling us; the only ones they fool are themselves”


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