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The Turkish Left-Wing's Kurdish

Recently, the HDP Co-Chairman had stepped up to the rostrum and delivered a clear message within a couple of sentences, which will go down in the history of Group Meetings. The message was so crucial that it shouldn't be overshadowed with other statements, the emphasis deficiency shouldn't be felt and no opportunity should be given for anyone to interpret it.

The message shouted out, “As long as HDP and Kurdish people exist, you will not be the president; we will not let you become the president!”

The violence and glory attributed to the message, despite calling out to Erdoğan, made it clear that the showing off was intended to affect someone else. Until now, it was impossible for a remarkable message from one so tactless and incalculable to address Erdoğan; one who had imbedded many people like Demirtaş and even the ones that are more veteran in politics into the history of politics. I guess, it's impossible for the owner of these words not to know this.

With all its clearness, the message was directed at the ones, who were expecting the “service” of preventing Erdoğan from becoming the president from Demirtaş - and was not directed at Erdoğan. For a long time now, the Turkish Left, CHP and even Pennsylvania (Gulen) had pinned all their hopes related with stopping Erdoğan on the Kurds. They are calling the Kurds, whom they have assimilated, denied, disregarded and deemed every kind of oppression proper for years, to a “bunco game watch” through Demirtaş.

No matter what method or way they've tried in the previous periods, they failed. In the new process, they said Gezi; it didn't work out. They said December 17-25; that didn't work out either. Besides, all their tricks got in their way. When they are making a loss assessment after their unethical attacks, they see that they have less things in their hands. The “coalition of constant losers” against Erdoğan and AK Party, are pursuing new moves by adding new losers to their side. It seems that now they are thinking that their new trump card are the Kurds and that Demirtaş and Qandil have an absolute dominance over the Kurds. During the Presidential elections, by painting the lily, they've gotten close to 10%. If they dress up HDP a little more in cooperation, then that will be the handiest tool in their hands to block Erdoğan.

Thus, Erdoğan, who had been the closest to the Kurds in the history of the Republic of Turkey, who had given all their rights seized by the status quo back to them, who had even attempted the resolution process at the risk of drinking hemlock poison, will be blocked by the same Kurds. In other words, they will be giving the disloyalty role and the role of denying all of this progress to the Kurds, and the Kurds will play it, is that it? This role assignment is coming out of a mentality, which does not know the real Kurds, which disregards them and denies them by assimilating them. The same mentality, which sent Kurdish Mehmet to the watch the bunco games, is calling out from Demirtaş's mouth this time. The “coalition of people who are not fed up with losing”, including the left-wing, liberal and parallels, are still prompting this calling. All the written and visual publications of the parallel structure seem to be savoring the taste of discovering HDP as the great opportunity of the Turkish democracy.

Even Ali Bulaç, who has been an Islamist for years, is giving advice and tactics to HDP in order for them to reach success, and he is doing this in the manner of “besides, all of it is free of charge.” However, I'd like to warn my Kurdish siblings, even if not the HDP supporters/members; I'm telling you, these people will not even give their sins for free.

Even the Accumulation Magazine (Birikim Dergisi), which I generally exclude as an ethical responsibility when talking about the Turkish Left-Wing, circles seem to have smoothened their differences between them and the Turkish Left-Wing when the matter in question is anti-Erdoğanizm. For Murat Belge and Ömer Laçiner, I'd like to say that it is the effect of the iftar dinner they've attended in the GYV feast; however, it seems that there is also a background history of that feast. Anyway, let's not enter that topic.

The inferences made by dear Tanlı Bora from the Accumulation Magazine, by means of narrating my “Our history related with the Kurds cannot be reduced to 1915 or 1925, but on the contrary, our relation has a more rooted depth like 1071, 1189 and 1515” statement, are like an envious reflex presented in the name of a leftist-socialist strategy, which feels that it is appropriating the Kurds.

I'm trying to make sense of this concession granted to the Kurdish identity, which had gradually become a matter of a denser nationalism and chauvinism, by Bora, who is working like a nationalism detector. Generally, I'm questioning how warrantable does the leftist-socialist strategy regard processing an ethnic identity this much.

Of course, I will not remind Bora of “real socialism”. However, when I remind him of Malazgirt, Jerusalem and Selahaddin, İdrisi Bitlis and Sultan Selim, I'm talking about common sides; in other words, I'm talking about peace, unity and brotherhood. If he is intercalating things that are extricating us, then shouldn't we be the ones asking him what kind of a Kurdish person is he designing?

Kurdish Selahaddin had been raised by Nureddin, a Turk. Both of them were liable to the Abbasid caliphate, who was an Arab. However, neither the caliphate's Arabness, nor Selahaddin's Kurdishness, nor Nureddin's Turkishness was of any concern among themselves.

All of them were giving the struggle of refusing to serve as someone's slave and acting against the Crusader imperialism together as Muslims.

They achieved fame and honor through this mission, that was not due to them being Kurd, Arab or Turk.

Today, the ones, who are injecting nationalism to the Kurds, are after turning them into toys of imperialism, like all the other nation-states, rather them freeing them.

As for our message and mission; it's only to become honored as individuals and be strong against imperialism.

We are still inviting the ones from the Turkish Left-Wing who will listen to advice; there is room for everyone in this honored case.


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