The suppressed terrorist in the BBC and NYT - YASIN AKTAY

The suppressed terrorist in the BBC and NYT

Let's think for a moment: An explosive placed under an asphalted road near any settlement area in Texas explodes as a U.S. military vehicle passes and eight soldiers lose their lives. Following this attack, a television channel broadcasting in Turkey prepares a documentary regarding the organization that carried out the terrorist attack, trying to legitimize the members of this organization. It is not very difficult to figure out what the U.S. public opinion and politicians would feel in such a situation.

Or if major media outlets in Turkey had chosen, in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, to label al-Qaeda terrorists as “freedom fighters..." In such scenarios, these media outlets would naturally be held subject to the legal procedures necessary in a democratic state, for supporting terrorism.

Yet, in countries such as Germany, the U.S. and U.K., which boast about being democratic and against terrorism, where the media outlets supporting terrorism are left outside the democratic system, and the braking mechanisms of democracy are not applied against these media outlets that are openly supporting terrorism.

Western media has started to openly support PKK terrorism due to the Kurdish groups' fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), despite it not being at the level at which it's exaggerated to be. We are also aware that prior to the documentary broadcast on BBC, articles openly supporting the PKK were also published in “reputable" international media outlets.

For instance, many dailies in Germany with high circulation figures refer to the terrorist organization PKK as “verbotene kurdische Arbeiterpartei" , or the Banned Kurdish Workers' Party. Not considering this as excusing or deeming terrorism to be fair, shows nothing other than the fact that, in reality, they are not against terrorism. This discourse shows that there is nothing but a suppressed terrorist within both the German and British press, which has taken on the heaviest discourse against ISIL terrorism day and night.

Presenting to the German public opinion a terrorist organization as a “banned political party" cannot be considered a mistake containing no bad intentions. This could be the subject of criminal law in a democratic country under headings such as praising crime and the criminal or terror; yet, this shows that in reality, terrorism is not considered bad in these countries. It's only the persons the act is committed against who are opportunistically taken into consideration.

The launch of Turkey's operations against this terrorist organization is the reason behind such clear support of certain Western media outlets for the PKK, which is a terrorist organization.

It is obvious that the PKK, which in its opinion determined and announced the perpetrator following the terror attacks in Suruç where 33 of our youth lost their lives, and later retaliated in Ceylanpınar, and the simultaneous operations against the terrorist organization ISIL, disturbed those who thought that by turning the focus on ISIL, that they could ignore the quagmire that is Syria.

Those, who give credit to the PKK's slanders that Turkey supports ISIL and that Turkey is the one responsible for the deaths in Suruç, have shown that they consider the ruthless murder of two police officers, on whom the PKK took out the revenge of this attack, as a “legal" judgment. So this is what “legality" means to the German media, which tries to present the PKK as a banned party.

The exaggerated fight of Kurdish groups against the ISIL threat seems to have created a strange romanticism of violence in the West; such that a terrorist organization claiming to fight another terrorist organization is glorified by the Western media, as seen in the BBC, New York Times (NYT) and German media examples.

In the meantime, they are playing dumb to fall for the cheap tricks of the party that really ended the reconciliation process: in other words, the PKK, which took no steps for the continuation of the reconciliation process.

The workers who were abducted during the two-year period while the process was ongoing, the dam sites that were raided, work machinery and roadwork sites that were burned, thousands of children kidnapped and armed by the PKK even though they are aged under 18, thousands of businessmen made to pay tributes, and thousands of people who are followed for not voting for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) as well as those forced to leave their villages and the city... This Baath-inspired fascism over the people of the region by the hand of the HDP/PKK is obviously currently not a care of the highly democratic Western media which is so fond of human rights.

They continue to play dumb in the face of these facts which they are very well aware of, simply because it doesn't suit them. Because for them, the PKK is no different to the tissue they use to wipe their noses. Once they are done, they are going to pull out a fresh tissue from the pack and send the PKK to the trash.

The truth is that a terrorist organization fighting a terrorist organization does not legitimize the other. For Turkey, both ISIL and the PKK are terrorist organizations. If the PKK continues its terrorism against Turkey with the clearance it is trying to get from international powers for fighting ISIL, then Turkey needs to reconsider its friendships. After all, the U.S. saw the strangeness of exchanging the fight against ISIL for the right to terrorize Turkey, and gave credit to Turkey. Yet this skewed mentality continues as is in the U.S. media. The article published in the NYT presents Turkey's operations against the PKK as “The government wages war against Kurds". If we were to give some credit to this logic, then we would need to accept that it is right to perceive the U.S.'s years-long operations against terrorism in Iraq and Syria as “The U.S. is fighting against Islam and Muslims". The Western media does not have the finesse to empathize this much. It is acting with out-of-control impertinence without having the need to hear itself. In reality, they are not against terrorism, they are against some certain terrorists; otherwise when you dig deep, there is a terrorist in them all.


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