The right of psychology - YASIN AKTAY

The right of psychology

We have seen that, in order to comprehend the meaning of the outstanding sensitivity performed against “terror” in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo incident, we had to see the slaughter of three Muslims in the US, with a similar attack, because of their Muslim identity.

The murder of three Muslims, Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor Muhammed Ebu Talha and her sister Razan Muhammed, in the Chapel Hill town without having any provocative move or extra sins, but only for being Muslims, has not been regarded as “atheist” terror.

Ultimately, due to the cultural roots of the murderer, this wasn’t even regarded as “Christian” terror.

Essentially, this murder wasn’t even regarded as “terror”.


It didn’t even cross the minds of anyone to feel the danger of bigotry, to hear the footsteps directed at the Muslims, who died in the mentioned murder; thus, all the Muslims, or even to mention this.

Only the Muslims living in the US felt this real danger, and the funeral of the three Muslims was carried out by 5,000 people who gathered in a stadium.

They didn’t shout slogans as they carried the funeral on their shoulders, nor, caused any stir. Besides, the ones, who were saying allahuekber or salavat as the casket was being carried, had been warned by a person saying, “There is also a custom of funerals in Islam. In that custom, saying Allahuekber is not included; please walk quietly and pray within”. This had reflected on the cameras also.

For Obama to recognize this savage and dangerous manifestation of this blatant hostility towards Islam and hatred in his country, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s “Where are you Obama?” calling, while on his Latin America trip, was necessary.

Only after that warning Obama, who kept his silence until that moment, managed to make a sound. He stated that no one in his country will be exposed to such violence because of their religion, language or race. The American dream is continuing from where it left off. There is no need to worry. There is also nothing that requires opening war to anyone.

Now, unavoidably, the Muslims, who had been exposed to violence, are rewinding the movie and returning to Charlie Hebdo; was the whole matter about the deaths of 12 people, rather than 3? There more people being killed more violently and brutally every day in the Muslim geography already.

The deceased in the Charlie Hebdo incident were drawing caricatures and the deceased in the Chapel Hill incident were wearing headscarves. Was this the only difference? Or, was it different because it happened in Paris? No, it couldn’t be also. Many murders are being committed for this or that reason in Paris every day.

I wonder if the difference was that some Muslim people were showing the insolence of committing murder in the lands they claimed as “ours”?


The soldiers, agents we call “ours”, would be causing violent deaths of tens, hundreds and even thousands of Muslims in the Muslim geography every day with the guns “we” produce. However, this relation is so single-sided that the contrary would no way be accepted. It’s said that this relation will be accepted normal when the deceased are Muslim and the murderers are the people they call as “ours”.

Wasn’t it so? Isn’t it true that on the same day as the Charlie Hebdo incident and on the following days thousands of people had lost their lives horribly under barrel bombs in Syria? Isn’t it true that on the same days of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, two thousand people in Nigeria had lost their lives because of Boko Haram, who are using the weapons produced in the West?

Only in Iraq, following the American invasion, more than one million people had lost their lives to the weapons personally used by or transferred by the invaders. All these deaths are normal; however, the feeling of revenge, grudge, and hatred and all the other psychological traumas and reactions against those deaths, which had been revealed under the atmosphere produced by those deaths, are abnormal. Because, “they”, meaning Muslims, has no psychology that requires them to comprehend what they did.

Rapidly, a deep dive had been actualized on the psychology of the murderer in Chapel Hill. The psychological and social reason behind what he did was sought. His “psychological” obsession on a parking space had been brought forward.

Psychology, in other words, is the effective science of comprehending people’s such moves under the physiological effect they are experiencing. The courts also come into play over experts and give the verdict before the judge; no one will commit a crime like murder, suicide or thievery without any reason. Sorry, not no one; we should say no one “from our side”.  Because they, meaning “they”, whose relatives, kids, neighbors and loved ones who are dying every day, are Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Egyptians, Yemenites and Syrians… They have no psychology. No matter what they do, they do it because of their feloniousness that deserves every kind of punishment and reaction.

Oh, of course, more importantly, they do everything because of the provocations of their religion that turns them into a felon. Just shoot them.

Making discrimination between deaths and pains is really a shame. However, for God’s sake, who is the one making this discrimination in front of our eyes?


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