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The operation that threw a curveball

We can say that the operation, in which warplanes of the Turkish Armed Forces attacked DAESH (ISIL) targets in our Syria border and PKK camps in Northern Iraq, had a positive reflection in the world. Turkey's operation against ISIL is not surprising, as assumed by some and on the contrary to the perception made up by people within Turkey.

Actually, since the beginning, Turkey's attitude towards ISIL has been clear. Turkey was the first country to write ISIL in the terror list since the first day they were revealed. People who observe the happenings with a tiny bit of foresight can clearly see that ISIL targeted Turkey and the political line represented by Turkey first, in Syria, in Iraq and in the Middle East.

Despite this, especially the parallel and PKK media, which claimed that Turkey supported ISIL, were reflecting the pollution in their minds and hearts with the massacres they conducted against this reality. If they were conducting those black propagandas with a tiny bit of belief, it's predestined for them to have received a curveball following Turkey's operations against ISIL. However, this should be known; in the best case scenario, the fact that they have been thrown a curveball, is due to their own stupidity; because Turkey's attitude towards ISIL has been quite apparent since the beginning.

Can HDP do politics without paying their debt to PKK?

Now, let's talk about the operation conducted by the Turkish Armed Forces' warplanes against the PKK camps. We can see that these operations are regarded as Turkey's most natural right to defend itself against terror. Even though questions and worries related with the condition of the Resolution Process are stated, despite possessing 80 parliamentarians in the Parliament, in other words, despite given the opportunity of having the exact number of parliamentarians as Turkish nationalist party MHP and HDP, as PKK's political movement, gave the message, through their recent attacks, that they will not give up on violence, and thus stated that the Resolution Process cannot be accepted and continued in this way.

The more important aspect of the operation that should be taken into consideration even more is; the reflections of this operation on the Turkish community. Let me state this clearly; the operations seem to have answered even to the great expectation between the masses, who voted for HDP, in the region. Because, in a short time it had been seen that the people, who created great expectations with their “us in the Parliament” slogan and entered the Parliament, had no effect towards silencing the weapons and paving the way for the resolution.

Thus, the PKK didn't leave any influence area to HDP, who conducted their election campaign themselves and under the shadows of weapons. Put aside giving up on weapons, they've started giving clear signals that they will never leave the advantage provided by the armed force. They've expected that the state of being an armed organization that has a political party, would be bodily accepted. Because, they fell to arrogance and sauciness that they will convince everyone on everything by the force of arms. They've perceived the patience presented by the government during the Resolution Process as a weakness and steered towards exploiting this weakness by betraying the resolution and stepping over their promises. While steering towards becoming organized, in a way that won't leave a gap from the beginning to the end, they've started designating people's daily lives with a complete totalitarian gloom and worked out great cost for people. They've started seizing the properties, wealth, peace and children of people. They've sent thousands of kids, whom they've seized and who are under 18 years old, to Kobani in order to fight against ISIL terror in their amateur states. Many families started living with the worry and hatred accumulated by even being unable to ask the condition of their children. The people, who were presenting a different civil existence, are immediately called to testify at the camps and being exposed to a monetary punishment or exile. PKK never thought about stepping aside while paving the way for HDP as a political party with the votes they've gathered for them. They've only left a narrow field for HDP to represent their armed guardianship in the political field whenever it's needed.

To be honest, this narrow field is not an excuse for HDP to fail in doing politics. Despite PKK's guardianship pressure, HDP members can bravely take an attitude against the weapons by preferring politics if they wanted to. If they do that, they will turn into a strong political party in real terms.

An HDP, who does politics by breaking free from the guardianship of the PKK, can become a political party that makes a greater and positive difference. However, unfortunately, we cannot see a sign that the HDP members possess such bravery. Even the fact that the operation eased the community in the Southeast of Turkey, should be enough to represent a lesson to the HDP members in the sense of the path they pursue. Despite being quite against the deaths of police officers, their mentioning of peace is showing us how saucy and fake their language is, and honestly, it's not promising any hope related with politics.

Arin and Sibel

CHP's report presented how faulty and neglecting HDP members were in the bombing in Suruç, while confirming the questions asked by Bülent Arınç. An important detail, which didn't attract much attention in the incident, was the slogan chanted by the crowd as the bombs were exploded; “From Arin to Sibel, we are walking towards victory”. Nobody were interested in who Arin (Mirkan) and Sibel (Bulut) were. However, both of them lost their lives in Kobani as suicide bombers, and as for them, one (Arin) is a member of JPG while the other (Sibel) is a member of MLKP. Falling victim to a suicide bombing while declaring to be on the same path as the suicide bombers must be one of the tragic aspects of this incident. However, shouldn't this situation trigger many other questions related with the incident? Is it just a coincidence that the bombs exploded while those slogans were chanted? Where does this culture, which provides the youngsters to bless the suicide bombings/bombers this much, come from?


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