The EU-US we couldn't see on July 15 jumped the moment HDP was intervened - YASIN AKTAY

The EU-US we couldn't see on July 15 jumped the moment HDP was intervened

As the operations aimed at HDP deputies continue, the display of humanitarian sensitivity by Western media and politics one after the other makes one emotional. In their subsequent messages and statements, "deep" concern was expressed upon the detainment of "politicians." It has been reported that EU ambassadors decided to hold an emergency assembly in Ankara. In the message he shared, Mogherini said, "I am extremely concerned about HDP [Peoples' Democratic Party] Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş and other HDP deputies being detained. We are in contact with the authorities and talked with the EU ambassadors in Ankara."

Federal Republic of Germany State Minister Maria Böhmer paid a support visit to the HDP Parliament Group on the same day - who knows why - and confirmed HDP authorities' (Hişyar Özsoy) describing "today as one of the darkest days in the history of Turkish democracy."

Then, in the Twitter message posted by the U.S. Embassy, Assistant Secretary of State Tom Malinowski in English included the tweet's Turkish translation. The tweet read: "As friend & ally, deeply troubled that government of #Turkey has detained #HDP leaders and other MPs while blocking #internet access."

At the time all these declarations were being made, a 1-ton bomb detonated by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorist organization - which HDP deputies now represent openly – in the middle of Diyarbakır where civilians were present, nefariously killed two police officers and seven civilians. The detaining of those who use politics as a shield for the support they provide to terror according to Code of Criminal Procedure (CMK) principles seems more terrifying to EU circles than the savage massacre of some people.

To hell with this double standard you flaunt, this hypocrisy, your two-faced human rights sensitivity and your abuse of democracy. The democracy to come from you and your human rights sensitivity has turned into the reflection of your deep hostility toward the Turkish people, which can no longer be hidden.

It is obvious you consider HDP politicians from among you and it is obvious that human rights are a sensitivity that takes action only when people from among you are intervened. Say this a little more openly now and save the trouble for both of us.

The bombs planted by PKK terrorists to date have killed thousands of people and you did not turn around once and tell the PKK what you are doing is inhumane; this has nothing to do with Kurdish rights, democratic politics or the fight for freedom.

I guess you did not feel like it, because now we very clearly understand that the lives of Turkish citizens targeted by PKK terrorism do not even have the slightest value for you. If it had the slightest importance, you would have seen the insincerity when the HDP deputies, who you mourn today and are eager to be in solidarity with, considered a PKK terrorist who killed 32 citizens and injured hundreds with his lowly suicide bombing and attended his funeral, and you would have shown your reaction that day. You would have said politics and terrorism cannot coexist. You would have given them a couple of lessons. Even if for show, you would have done this.

We are yet to hear an EU official to make the slightest suggestion to HDP deputies that they need to place a distance between terrorism and politics.

And then there is the deep carelessness shown toward those who lost their lives in the bomb that exploded in Diyarbakır by those who made a fuss about democracy and human rights on the same day because HDP deputies were being detained. What are you saying? What good will come to Turkey from you?

With every passing day, both Europe and the U.S. are increasingly dropping their masks against Turkey. The U.S. continues to support the PKK's militants in the guise of Syrian offshoot Democratic Union Party (PYD) or its armed wing People's Protection Units (YPG), which continues to take lives every day without distinguishing between civilian or soldier, despite all of Turkey's warnings. Ethnic cleansing incidents are openly continuing in both Syria and Iraq because of this support. Also, the majority of the weapons given to the PYS are passed on to the PKK for use in terrorist activities against Turkey.

The same U.S. continues to harbor Fetullah Gülen, the leader of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which carried out an armed coup attempt against Turkey, during which it killed hundreds of people and wounded thousands of others, in an environment where he can easily carry out his operations. Is it possible for the U.S., which is harboring Turkey's Osama bin Laden, to fight against terrorism?

The quick reflex of both the EU and U.S. in the operations against FETÖ and the HDP compared to their slowness against the July 15 coup attempt and PKK terrorism are not considered unconnected by anybody in Turkey. The perception that the EU is the biggest supporter of the terrorist activities in Turkey is spreading by the day and unfortunately this perception is real.

In the worst case, is the operation on HDP deputies so much more dire than July 15 in terms of the history of democracy that EU officials, who could visit Turkey only a month after July 15, appeared in the HDP group for a support visit in only the first hours of the detainment? So much love! Which common values, which joint plans bind you together so much? Your animosity, enmity and grudge against who brings you together?

It's not like we don't understand or sense it. It is because we sense it that we are saying, go together, take your hatred toward the people along with your love for one another and go as far away as you can.


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