Nest of vipers in Libya and the intellectual who sold his soul to the devil - YASIN AKTAY

Nest of vipers in Libya and the intellectual who sold his soul to the devil

Turkey’s support to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) not only changed all balances on the ground but also foiled the ploys of the nest of vipers that was quietly set up in Libya until today. The vipers waiting to divide Libya between them without leaving anything for the people, do not know what to do now that Turkey is on the stage.

When Turkey arrived there upon Libya’s official call and in all its legitimacy, it revealed one by one their coup-plotting, violations of human rights, the massacres they committed together with the war criminal they support, and their war crimes. As many as 13 collective graves have been discovered in Tarhuna alone, with the bodies of those who died as a result of the massacres committed by France-backed warlord Khalifa Haftar. As a result, those who support Haftar, primarily France as well as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt need to be called to account. This is the cause Turkey is pursuing now.

However, the panic in the nest of vipers is now being replaced by recovery and preparations for counterattacks. The counterattacks are revealed not only on the ground but also in their media and public diplomacy activities. The pirates that support all sorts of terrorist organizations to achieve their own despicable aims, that invade a country with their sights set on that country’s resources only and therefore commit all kinds of massacres there, that commit war crimes, have the audacity to accuse Turkey of supporting terrorism and displaying disunity within NATO due to the support it is providing the internationally recognized and legitimate Libyan government.

The speech putschist Gen. Khalifa Haftar made last week in address to the militias of the radical Madkhali-Salafist group, was an interesting example of this shamelessness. The dangerous and radical Madkhali group is Libyan, yet it receives instructions directly from Saudi-based Shaykh al-Madkhali. This group, which is currently Haftar’s most important armed militia in Libya, shares the exact same ideology with Daesh. If anybody knows on which line, against whom, and why Daesh is fighting, we can perhaps reveal the difference between them. However, there is no difference between them, and the war crimes they committed have been exposed.

In address to these militias, Haftar mentions the “fight against the terrorists in Tripoli,” and praises the sacrifices they made to save Libya from terrorism. This approach, which has taken it all too far, was topped with the meetings and statements made by France’s discredited Zionist intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy, who supported Haftar with his visit. Levy, who presents himself as an intellectual supporting freedom movements through such meetings, is nothing other than a typical orientalist spy. Levy drew attention with the praises he sang to Haftar, who is supported by France, and whose sole mission is to take his own commission while making the country’s resources available to the countries backing him.

During these meetings, Levy told those with whom he held the meetings that he sees the war in Libya as a front of the war in the Islamic world in general. As a matter of fact, he claimed that those who think this war is between Christianity and Islam are being mistaken, that this is a war among the Islamic world itself. As you can guess, according to Leby, one side of this war among the Islamic world is the radical Islamist side represented by Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s administration. Levy, who associates Turkey with Afghanistan’s Taliban, placed against Turkey the Islamic Enlightenment represented by the UAE.

Man is known by the company he keeps. In order to talk about Islamic enlightenment in relation to the UAE, which mobilizes its coup operators, terrorists, scheming spies and assassins whenever there is the slightest movement towards democratization in any part of the Islamic world, and drowns any democracy attempt through all sorts of immoral relations with all kinds of terrorist organizations, one must have gifted their mind and soul to the devil.

The meetings held by Levy are only a part of a more expansive diplomacy and public diplomacy recently started by France. Steven Erlanger’s article titled, “Turkish Aggression is NATO’s ‘Elephant in the Room,’” published in The New York Times yesterday, interprets Turkey’s confrontation with France in Libya entirely in favor of France, and accuses Turkey of being a non-adaptable country within NATO. There is no mention at all about France’s open support to putschist and murderer Haftar, or its weapon and technical support to him. However, Erlanger states that Turkey broke the weapon embargo in Libya, without any mention of Turkey’s deal with the legitimate government. He also added that Turkey’s disputes with Greece in NATO, its prevention of the membership of countries such as Egypt, the UAE, and Armenia, and of course its latest deal with Russia to purchase S400s are examples of Turkey’s spoilsport attitude in NATO.

Of course, each one of these examples present other problems regarding the way NATO operates. For example, Erlanger makes no mention of how a current NATO-member country is able to provide financial and political support to and become involved with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization, which poses a threat to another NATO country, and even go as far as making an oil production and purchase deal with them.

He did not ask what business France has in Libya, as if France’s presence and operations there are legitimate, as if Turkey is joining the game late. There is also no mention of how Turkey is sieged by Greece and the other countries in the Mediterranean to the extent that Turkey cannot even cast a fishing line on its own coasts. They want a self-proclaimed legitimacy. But that is not how it works.

Frankly, it is a fact that Turkey spoiled all these twisted and unrightful games in which NATO members are involved.

Those complaining should get their act together, give up their colonialist-pirate desires, and stop crying.


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