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Let the Armenian, Israeli troublemakers complain all they want

There are some who cannot make head nor tail out of Armenia’s out of the blue attack on Azerbaijan, which it has been occupying for the last 28 years. In fact, it is because of this nonsense that there are some who even say that in the latest attacks in particular were launched not by Armenia but Azerbaijan.

Yet, Armenia’s attack has a very clear and visible target. Sometimes, a country’s approach to alleviate the pressures it is being subjected to due to occupation and, as a matter of fact, turn the occupation into a gain, is other occupations, new occupations that will be abandoned in the first negotiation. If the occupations to take place with new attacks are accomplished like the previous ones, then that’s all good; but if the world shows reaction, then the path to take is quite simple. The latest attacks would be abandoned upon the severity of the world’s reaction; and if there is a new occupation, then troops will be withdrawn, thus the old occupation will be forgotten.

The more negotiations are spread over time, the occupation turns into a gain, a physical state that is difficult to turn back from. This has been the case in many occupation experiences. As the emphasis today on Israel’s operations to establish new settlement areas and annexation efforts increases, nobody even remembers its 1967 borders. Meanwhile, the occupation bar of 1967, almost rendered the homeland regions lost in Nakba in 1948 as Israel’s legitimate right; the state of the Palestinians who were left landless in that exile has already been normalized by the world. Let the UN’s decisions condemn Israel and call onto it to immediately back off from this occupation all it wants. As long as there is no effective sanction, Israel will loutishly continue on with its occupations, relying on the fact that time will inure everyone to it.

The Palestinians, the true owners of the land, who adopted defiance, saying that the only way to end this occupation is through resistance, are identified as terrorists. This is because they have chosen resistance, which includes violence, over dialogue. Yet a simple physics rule states that if there is resistance somewhere, then the source of the violence is not those resisting but the force that has caused it.

The paradoxical logic, which we have become accustomed to, thus identifies terror, the terrorist, stability, and dialogue as it pleases. What has the dialogue which has been ongoing under U.S. and world supervision for 55 years granted the Palestinians so far? What has it done other than multiply their losses every day?

As the operation Azerbaijan launched to end this hypocritical game successfully continues, calls have been made from all corners of the world to cease the clashes and for dialogue to be established in an attempt to end any further bloodshed.

What can dialogue do after this hour?

Of course, what it has done for the last 28 years. Yet, because the world did not do what was expected of it over a period of 28 years, now Azerbaijan has decided to take matters into its own hands. What it is striving for is a resolution of the problem the who world is working on. In the final instance, it is trying to solve a problem that will obviously not be solved through dialogue, through the necessary way instead. In other words, Azerbaijan is working towards solving the problem that cannot be solved because the countries of the Minsk group are unable to get Armenia to listen even though they too recognize what it is doing as an occupation.

France, Canada, Germany, and Russia should silently and respectfully watch Azerbaijan, a country striving to end the unjust and brazen occupation by Armenia, because they could not talk any sense into it. There is no need for concern. Azerbaijan will not direct massacres or injustice towards civilians. Nobody needs to fear that what the Armenians did in Khojaly 28 years ago will be repeated by the Azerbaijanis. The demand in this respect is not revenge but justice. Nobody can be forced to suffer the punishment of an action they are not responsible for. Azerbaijan is not asking for anything more than its legitimate right.

One of the calls to stability and dialogue came from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Repeating that the problem can be solved through dialogue alone, Trudeau said it was established that certain Canada-origin weapons and equipment were used by Azerbaijan against Armenia, and thus threatened it with both an embargo and sanctions.

Why the haste? As far as we know, while the Azerbaijanis were unarmed 28 years ago, and the Armenians were attacking and conducting massacres with state-of-the-art weapons, Canada remained mum. Is this unnecessary pragmatism against an operation that is being carried out as their right to end an occupation targeting their land not enough to clearly explain the understanding on which the occupations, massacres and injustices in the world are based?

Yet, if there truly is a desire to contribute to peace and dialogue, the first step to be taken is to seriously pressure the invading side to immediately leave the lands it is occupying. The zeal displayed by those who have no intention, plan or attempt to end the occupation against those who take action to end their own occupation, only indicates that they are accomplices in this crime.

Add to this Israeli Defense Minister Benni Gantz’s accusation against Turkey that it is “disturbing peace and stability in the Middle East.”

What else could one say but “All praise is to God alone”?

Raining on the parade of the earth’s trouble makers, the honor to oppose the order of occupation, annexation, robbery, coup, torture and massacre they have been carrying out with “stability,” is more than enough in this world. Let those trouble makers continue to complain all they want.


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