If only the innocent one threw the first stone - YASIN AKTAY

If only the innocent one threw the first stone

Since April 24, politicians, parliaments, as though they are responding to a lynching call, have started to make statements against Turkey, one after the other.

The declarations that came from the European Parliament, Austrian, French and German state figures and the Russian head of state's statements following the pope's announcement compelling him to say, “It was a quote; it wasn't our own statement” forms an explanatory enough scene regarding the characteristic of the campaign.

Looking at the history of each state that made a statement, we see that their histories are filled with the wildest and sliest of genocides. The scene is actually so very much similar to the state of the Pharisees who were ready to stone the woman who was brought to Jesus with allegations of adultery. The incident where Jesus looked at the state of that woman then turns to those sinners, each one of them more sinful than the other, trying to put their entire sins on the shoulders of that woman in an attempt to make themselves seem like heroes of chastity, and said, “Let the one among you, free of any sin, throw the first stone.”

According to the narration, after Jesus' suggestion, nobody had the courage to grab that first stone. Because Jesus held a mirror reflecting to everybody their sins, making them realize their own sins. Hence, nobody found the opportunity act pure, covering their own sins, unknown to others or which could not be proven. This detail is one of significance; because if this detail is skipped, people are much more inclined to claim they are innocent for the sake of social or political gains.

Thus, the governments today, which are carrying the world's sins, are able to calculate how they will come in the clear through the humanitarian show they display against the incidents that happened a century ago. In reality, they are all personally much more blameworthy and sinful than Turkey against the Armenians in the incidents that took place in 1915.

If the Armenians faced a tragedy, Russia was the primary one responsible for this, because they were the first to provoke the Armenians in Anatolia with the promise of having them establish a state, to encourage them to revolt against the Ottoman Empire. So, is Russia the one that is innocent against the Armenians, who wore Russian uniforms and invaded Turkish-Kurdish-Arab Muslim villages to implement a genocide plan in the true sense? Will using the 'Armenian genocide' term and pinning all its sins on Turkey be enough to clear its name? If the physical validity of such politics is in question today, how can we speak of the dominance of an international conscience standard?

Who can say that Russia is not directly responsible for the bloodshed of the hundreds and thousands of Syrians killed today in the wildest and most inhuman conditions before our very eyes? We don't need to go too far into history. While the crimes against humanity today in Syria, Iraq and Egypt are still fresh, their blood continues to flow out in the open, isn't going back a century the lightest form of the massacre of conscience?

We can mention what France personally did to the Armenians as well as what they did in Algeria and Rwanda. If you like, we can open the fine exploitation file of France which, regarding the genocide of Armenians - who sought asylum in France by fleeing the so-called genocide - placed them at the front lines in World Wars I and II. For example, it is said that the Armenian population that was massacred at these fronts because of this is a lot higher than the number of Armenians who died during deportation.

What about the Netherlands? They still haven't even been held accountable for their role in the genocide attempt against the Bosnians in Srebrenica, under the supervision and with the help and skills of their own commanders in 1995.

What about Germany's Chancellor? Would you say that by making Turkey a partner in the genocide crime, it is trying to find a partner in crime that will share its originality in the Holocaust?

The passionate participation of these powerful criminals today in the race to incriminate Turkey with genocide, as if they are running to participate in a lynching campaign, shows one thing actually: their race to flee from their own guilt. That is why they deserve a Jesus address more than anything: Let the one who is innocent regarding genocide throw the first stone!

Just as none of them are innocent, their participation in this campaign to cover their own guilt increases their guilt regarding genocide of another level. Because this campaign allows them to cover their crimes which they are very well buried in. Through fine propaganda techniques, they have also taken measures against a possible Jesus who can show them their crimes in the mirror. With another trick they included in Christianity which they distorted, they resort to the 'scapegoat' trick to pin their entire sins on today's Turkey through an incident that took place back in 1915, and kill Jesus all over again.

In the meantime, since we mentioned Jesus, let's close the subject with a relevant joke. A Christian who one night discovers new information about Jesus becomes shocked and attempts to beat his close Jewish friend, who he comes across in the morning. When his Jewish friend asks, “What's happening, why am I getting beaten?'the says, “I learned that you killed Jesus.”

When the Jew responds, 'Ok, but that was 2,000 years ago; why am I the one getting a beating?' he says, 'It doesn't matter; I just found out now.'

While the Europeans joining in the genocide campaign try to settle the account of a century ago today, obviously they are neither as innocent nor as sympathetic as the Christian in the joke. On the contrary, they are like those who lose themselves in a lynching campaign. Their motivations are the crusades; their accounts are like the accounts of bankrupt merchants going through old books.


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