How can the European Parliament know about Armenians, Turks or history? - YASIN AKTAY

How can the European Parliament know about Armenians, Turks or history?

After the Pope cited that what's been committed against the Armenians in 1915 is the first genocide of our past century, the anti-Turkey season got an earlier start and has provided the expected courage to the others. The European Parliament, with the Pope's encouragements, attempted to secure a place in God's Kingdom.

During the meetings in the European Parliament, individuals, who have no knowledge about history – not even in the level of high school-, read the texts, which had been memorized to them and written beforehand, at the Council, then read the Armenian Genocide expression, which stated that Turkey should accept that they've conducted this genocide, reprimand, and do what's necessary, like returning the goods and paying the compensation for one and a half million dead innocent people. It could be said that the European Parliament finally gave in to the Armenians' propaganda and made such a decision. Indeed, the Armenian diaspora had carried out an outstanding lobby activity in this matter and breathed down the neck of even the most ordinary European parliamentarians with these activities. It could also be said that Turkey did not conduct a counterpart study/work in this matter. It should be accepted that the members of the Armenian Diaspora are formed of people born and raised in every country of Europe, can talk every country's language efficiently, and, were in a constant and insistent effort to explain their claims. These efforts were of the type sufficient enough to have the people memorize any fairy tale related with the happenings 100 years ago. It's possible for them to even have people believe in the most unbelievable lies, when they are of this intensity and repeat this persistence.

Reality is not formed of the things happening in the world of realities; it consists of the things we perceive. The ones who cannot change realities are able to occlude people from their world by forming the perception of reality. This, of course, is not an honest and ethical way. However, who can you expect to be ethic in this struggle?

The Armenian Diaspora has shown an outstanding perseverance and persistence in explaining their own theses. They made it the only task of their lives. Thus, they are miserable. The only thing that makes their reality exist is the Turkish perception, which they explain to themselves and others, and which they were obliged to imprison themselves with.

With Hrant Dink's expression, Turkish hatred had turned into something dangerous that poisons the blood of Armenians and consumes their existence.

Let us also accept that Turks always believe in their rightfulness, even in matters they are right, thus they are not attributing much importance to stating this rightfulness. As if there is a feeling of ashamedness like disturbing the surroundings by explaining their rightfulness. In recent times, Turkey's public diplomacy activities, which Turkey started after seeing this deficiency and regarding it as important, were not enough to fix the perception in the Armenian issue. These efforts were not enough to submit an alternative sound to the ears, who are used to the “Armenian genocide” expression, after hearing it countless times from the militants of the Armenian diaspora.

For example, where did this 1.5 million number come from? Did all those deaths occur out of nowhere? Do you know about the slaughters conducted by the Armenian gangs since the 1870s?

Did you know about hundreds of thousands, millions of Muslim Turkish that are blatantly and intentionally slaughtered in the Balkans? Do you know that the decision to relocate Armenians occurred right after the Balkan tragedy and in a period, where all the Anatolian soldiers were in the fronts and where the Armenian gangs wore Russian uniforms and slaughtered Muslims?

Do you know how many Muslim Turks, Kurds and Arabs died in these slaughters? Did even a single Armenian die in that period? Let us respectfully remember the sorrows of the Armenians, however were they the only ones hurt? Didn't the others have lives, also?

Besides, do you really know where the Armenians were transported to? Were they exiled outside Ottoman lands? Or, were they only translocated within Ottoman lands?

In short, not even these simple questions, which will pop in people's minds within the context of such an incident, were announced.

The thing is there is a vengeance towards the Anatolian Muslims, who defended themselves against the Turkish genocide under the World War I conditions prepared especially for that, and who existed with the Çanakkale defense, by transporting Armenians to other regions of the country and with the Independence War, that is yet to be taken.

They are regretful about not succeeding in this Turkish Genocide. There is a grudge towards the fact that what happened in the Balkans did not happen in Anatolia.

If the Pope and the European Parliament are entering such a risky matter, which they normally have no business with, then it means that the doors are open to pursue a Crusade motivation behind it.

Otherwise, how can a parliamentarian know about what happened in 1915? They should know that the happenings in history cannot only be understood with lobby activities, but only a history perception can be marketed in this way.

However, no matter how skillful and persistent a marketer of goods is, the buyer of those goods makes a choice eventually. The European Parliament and the Pope also chose to buy the rotten goods of the people, who are marketing their vengeance and grudge under the display of conscience from the depths of the centuries, while there are tons of humanity crimes in the world as of now.

No offense, but all I see in this preference over these fraudulent goods is just a Crusade motivation.


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