Do not show off in vain Macron, you’re no Napoleon - YASIN AKTAY

Do not show off in vain Macron, you’re no Napoleon

There is an Emmanuel Macron breeze blowing in Libya, in the Mediterranean, in Lebanon. As we mentioned previously, he is actually acting in accordance with France’s historical identity, existence, and style, but it is very anachronous; he is doing this through missteps made at the wrong time. He is humiliated with every move he makes. He is ruining the reputation France gained through its powerful public diplomacy, by selling enlightenment, modernism, human rights, and democracy.

It is thanks to this public diplomacy activity that it was able to bring off the agenda the savage colonialist practices it exhibited in Africa, in Algeria until just after World War II. Now, with every move he makes, Macron is recalling that past and bringing it up on the world’s agenda.

He went to Lebanon, a country that experienced a disaster, as if he is Napoleon Bonaparte, and, instead of giving people a remedy to bind their wounds, he orders the administrators there and tries to assign a new administrator. He makes it so obvious that he did not go there to heal the Lebanese people’s oozing wounds, both he and France – under his rule – lose face.

He makes statements in Lebanon targeting Turkey. He says, “We must all, and together, stand against Turkey’s expansionist policies.” Yet Turkey had already made intensive efforts along with its aid teams and rescue operations without making any political imposition or even a suggestion. As if this was not enough, Turkey opened all its hospitals to those who were wounded in the Lebanon disaster, and had already physically opened its Mersin Port to Lebanon’s service until Beirut Port, the country’s lifeline, was rebuilt.

Meanwhile, Macron barked orders to the people of Lebanon without promising or delivering them anything. During the press conference, he disrespected the Lebanese president and gave the impression that he was there to take what little they had left. It is clear that Macron is currently very interested in the territorial waters of Lebanon, located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

Macron is infuriated that just as he was about to get what he wanted, Turkey’s intervention in Libya took the wind out of his sails. Moreover, he made no positive promise to the People of Libya either. In other words, he had no suggestion that would provide a gain for both himself and the people of Libya. He simply wanted to take over the Libyan people’s wealth through war criminal Khalifa Haftar, whom he backs. He was almost about to achieve this, but Turkey prevented him. Hence, there is an extremely subjective plan behind Macron’s efforts to provoke the EU or NATO against Turkey.

Frankly, neither NATO nor the EU are aware of Macron’s personal plans. Therefore, neither NATO nor the EU are fully backing him. When the maps, international maritime law are laid on the table, Turkey’s rightfulness is crystal clear. Macron’s efforts to provoke Greece and drive it into loggerheads with Turkey is now perceived as his own personal adventure. This is exactly the case. Though he recklessly uses EU identity and international law arguments, he does not use any of them properly. He is also now making it very obvious that the matter is personal. Therefore, neither NATO nor the EU will lend any credit to such delayed or – as Communications Minister Fahrettin Altun says – “unappointed Napoleon” adventurism.

The statements made by this Napoleon wannabe about President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also provide all the clues regarding the real reason underlying the anti-Erdoğan sentiment in all Western media. Macron’s sentiments regarding Erdoğan are completely in line with Joe Biden’s, the democrat candidate in the upcoming U.S. elections. This is because Erdoğan is a leader who scores gains for his country through his active and independent politics, and who foils colonialist objectives while providing his country with gains. Criticisms accusing him of being authoritarian and far from democracy, et cetera, and the perceptions that are formed with these criticisms have no other meaning. Macron apparently said, “We have no problem with the people of Turkey, our problem is with Erdoğan.”

Of course that is what he is going to say. Erdoğan truly is making great gains for Turkey and such gains are causing colonialist countries like France to lose their unrightful gains.

Otherwise, the gains Turkey is making thanks to Erdoğan do not harm the legitimate gains of neither France or any other country. Erdoğan-led Turkey is solely pursuing its lawful right. Everybody that has a shore on the Mediterranean has a right, and Turkey claims these rights. However, there is nothing more natural than those who demand more than what is their righful due and who have, until now, made a habit out of claiming it, and causing problems with Erdoğan – who has been preventing this.

What problem would anybody have with leaders who failed to properly represent the Turkish people until now, who did not observe Turkey’s interests, and instead generously gifted them to other countries?

Did you ever hear a Western criticism about the despot politics of İsmet İnönü, who refused to take the islands – that are currently in question – despite all the insistence, and who eventually gifted them to Greece? Our politicians are so disassociated from their own people, yet so close to such colonialist countries.

Is it not sufficiently clear what their problem with Erdoğan lies?


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