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Documents related to Gülen's past and the Prosecutor's murder

The documents, which have been published by Yeni Şafak since Monday and which shed light on Gülen's past, had an expected agenda arbiter effect. These documents were not something to be overlooked or evaded. These documents are revealing Gülen's network web since the beginning of the 1960s. Actually, these documents are explaining a consistent story of the movement, whose final scene we had witnessed during December 17 – 25. Maybe these documents are revealing the connection, which completes the story for the people who are considerably confused after the movement's recent actions, which had been hidden at the beginning.

On the other hand, for the ones who had watched the movement carefully, these documents are only providing the verdict of the inevitable. On one hand, when Gülen's and his movement's position against Turkey is observed in the present time, an additional Masonic relation or connection doesn't present the evilness of what he did more than what it is.

On the other hand, in a sense, those documents are not saying anything new about the relations between Gülen and ex-CHP General Secretary Kasım Gülek; it's only certificating the quality of the relation. Otherwise, their relation is dating back to the 1960s. When you know about Kasım Gülek a little and concentrate on the Struggle against Communism Associations, his activities and relations, then you can already see this relation without needing any documents.

As a matter of fact, previously, in my book published under the name, “Helping What, Serving What; Everything is for serving", I've already mentioned that these relations are key network webs that could be used to decipher Gülen's semantic world, without having these documents to begin with. After all, in the long interview, which has been published as a book entitled My Little World, which he also has personally given to Latif Erdoğan, he was giving all the clues about these relations.

Besides, the part in my book, which draws attention to the same relations, was already included in my doctorate thesis, which I had completed in ODTÜ in 1997. Another one of my writings in that same book, which mentions the same relations, had been presented as a manifesto in 2001 at a conference over Gülen in Georgetown University, has been later on included in a book (2003) edited by Hakan Yavuz and John Esposito.

The relations between Gülen and Masonic structures could be easily followed and understood over his attitude towards Israel, in other words, towards Zionists and Crusader Christians. Actually, the relations between Gülen and all of these structures also never have been hidden by himself and were not a secret; however, these documents, which reveal the quality of these relations, were published for the first time.

The attempts of the parallel structure's media to deny those documents presented nothing other than shouting out that those documents are fake. After all, they couldn't present any other thing either. They don't have the documents to begin with. How can they pass the verdict without making the necessary examination first? This rushed reaction is revealing a racket. Secondly, as far as it's understood from the documents, they are of the consecutive quality and supporting each other. Outcries of “fake" are not enough to confute these document without examining them and waiting for the continuation.

“The one killed while bringing bread home…"

To be honest, these documents are important enough to lift the arguments over Gülen and the parallel structure to a new level. The day after all these documents had been published, the attack conducted by DHKP-C, where they brutally slaughtered one of our prosecutors, suddenly changed the whole agenda and the documents in question had been dropped off the agenda. No matter how you look at it, the fact that the terrorists, who used Berkin Elvan's death and the failure to find his murderers as an excuse, had chosen the Prosecutor, who had provided the most significant progress in the Berkin case until now, has opened a new case of questions.

In the last couple of days, we have witnessed a press, which regards and presents the Berkin Elvan case as a just excuse or motivation for a terror wave. We have witnessed as the remarkable names deployed in the press created excuses to this murder, which had been committed savagely, brutally and miserably with feelings of malice and revenge. The pose of DHKP-C member terrorists, where they place guns on the temple of the Martyr Prosecutor, was the copy of pose given by ISIL terrorists when they placed their knifes on the throats of their victims. However, once again, we have witnessed that savageness, terrorism and murder had been distinguished. In short, we have comprehended a new level in humanity's descent. Who knows what else we'll see?

As a counterpart to this, on the occasion of the same incident, we have also witnessed the perfect example of nobility, resoluteness, solemnity and patience embodied in the father of a martyr. The father of the Martyr emerged at the same rate that some people subsided. The prosecutor, who came out of a village in Siirt and studied under heavy conditions and “brought home the bread for real", and his father slammed the fraud related with Berkin, who has been exploited to the core with the lie of “being killed as he was on his way to buy bread", with their stances and existences.

On the occasion of this incident, with the Berkin Elvan and the necrophile culture, the left wing's archaic grievance, vengefulness and hatred should be seen as a warning in Turkey. How this malice, and, the feelings of revenge and hatred, are poisoning the left wing is clear. Far from having benevolence to itself, to whom will the left wing be an ointment to with it's poisonous state?


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