Dirty legitimacy produced from the “War against ISIL” - YASIN AKTAY

Dirty legitimacy produced from the “War against ISIL”

The Middle East is a geographical area where the dictators, who have been keeping their own communities under control with correspondence regimes since the Cold War era, survive with their “acceding” relations with the Western countries. One of the gifts of those “acceding” relations for the dictators is generally being exempted from oppression that cannot be tolerated or overcome in matters like human rights, democracy and freedom of speech.

These dictators can easily show Islamist tendencies in their countries as reason, or excuse, for not developing democracy and human rights. Those excuses are easily accepted by the Western circles, which they assigned as referees for themselves. In the punishment field, even a simple contact with the Islamists is enough for a penalty decision against the Islamists, while disregarding whether they are right or not.

After all, no one feels the need to ask; whether there really is an Islamist violence or not, or if there is, whether Islamists are the victim or the cause of this violence. As long as these Islamophobic feelings and prejudices exist in this world, it seems that the Muslims, as natural suspects, will continue rendering the massacres, human rights violations and democracy issues of the dictators right and legitimate.

The “Islamist terror” phenomenon in the Middle East is no longer just an expression; it's an incidence. However, it's an indisputable fact that this incidence has a function for the authoritative regimes to continue their existences. This functionality is showing us the existence of a cooperation that cannot be easily covered up anymore. Without an international mind and will; the limit-extreme mobility reached by Al – Qaeda after 9/11, by their simultaneous actions all around the world, was not a situation that could be understood and explained by the means, forces and strategic minds of the absolute-Islamist.

Every place where Al-Qaeda demonstrated was being opened to international interventions, and those places never brought any acquisition for the local communities and Muslims; on the contrary, it was leading Muslims to being deprived.

The pace of ISIL, who is a candidate to replace Al-Qaeda which has been extremely forcing the human imagination and continuing its functionality for a long time with their activities, is not going unnoticed. ISIL has disregarded the geographic borders, used radicalism, used violence, pornography of violence, presentation of Islam as revolting and repugnant, employed a style of contacts with different international actors, and performance, and has exceeded Al-Qaeda in a short time. In every place it shows up as death, like in Syria and Iraq, ISIL is fulfilling its function by having the savage organizations from the region to pray mercy, and provide them an activity area. Thus, the “war against ISIL” became a source of legitimacy.

ISIL reveals itself on the regime-opposition side in Syria. However; they have had no fights against the regime until now, and on the contrary, all of their fights have been against the Free Syrian Army. This situation is the most revealed form of the dirty relations between the so-called “Islamist terrorist organizations” and those tyrant regimes; as well as being the most shameless and openly-played dirty relation conducted by the dictatorial regimes in the Middle East through terror.

However, it's not that easy to sustain this relation, which reached these levels, with the same success and under the same control levels at the present point. These tools, after some time, can get out of the control of the groups that administer them; and turn into a brand that can be used by other actors. The creators of chaos cannot always generate the result they expected from the chaos. Moreover, the ones, who enter the production of chaos with a social-political engineering plan and the arrogance of a great “senior mind”, might experience unexpected results that completely contradict their own plans.

Meanwhile, the Sisi courts, which overthrew the legitimate administration in Egypt with a complete coup terror, imprisoned Morsi and dozens of his friends to execution right after the elections in Turkey; and the office of the mufti approved this verdict. Sisi announced that these punishments will be applied in short time.

Hundreds of people in Egypt are advancing towards execution in front of the eyes of the modern and democratic world, which regards executions a non-humane implementation. Everyone has the “it won't be implemented after all” inattention; however, this inattention augers no good. When we look at Sisi's past actions and the reaction dosage of the world against them; anything can happen anytime in Egypt.

Suddenly, we might witness the execution of the president, ministers and parliamentarians in Egypt, who had been elected by the votes of the country in their 7000 years-long history of Egypt. It's clear that the possible reaction of the world against such a possible development will not be beneficial for the Egyptian community. Because, if such a development does happen, it will happen due to the courage gained from the unresponsiveness of the world until now.

Recently, the Egyptian police raided a house of Muslim Brotherhood members, who are busy with human-aid duties towards completely poor families, executed 13 Muslim Brotherhood officials in front of everyone. The fact that this non-humane execution has no relation with the Muslim Brotherhood and this happened right after a conflict with ISIL in Sinai, is giving us the evidence about the role of ISIL in their struggles against the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the movement in Egypt that is distanced from terror the most, and similar movements.

Despite all these oppression and pressures, Muslim Brotherhood is not getting armed or applying violence. To have a more effective struggle against them; ISIL is being brought into the play. ISIL will attack, however, the regime will show ISIL as a justification and execute the Muslim Brotherhood in their stead; while the whole world will play stupid and just watch.


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