Digging a tunnel in law and abducting someone from prison - YASIN AKTAY

Digging a tunnel in law and abducting someone from prison

The display of the Turkish legal system's decomposition is presented as the people adopted hiring judges as a more valid way than hiring lawyers in order to protect their rights or obtain a gain from law. Actually, as hiring judges becomes more valid, widespread, easily accessible and produces results, it reveals that the law has no more value left.

What we call the supremacy of law doesn't mean that judges or judicators can use the authority they have unlimitedly. When the judge starts seeing his decision authority as a tool, a weapon he can use as he likes; this become a complete state of heresy and when this heresy reveals itself from time to time, this could be seen as a pathologic condition.

However, the supremacy of law is amounting to the supremacy of the law ideal, contrary to the lawyers' ideal, and the first condition of this is; the law procedures being transparent, open to everyone and having results in being easily foreseen.

This requires, no matter who the judge is, the results of cases being easily foreseen by people, who are not related with law, according to the evidence and claim in the case.

The contrary situation is equal to; results of cases changing according to the judge or the one being subjected to the case, or even, the result of a case being designated by instructions from another center, rather than by the judges.

In this case, the judicial decision can easily be foreseen by looking at the identities of the judged or the person judging, while disregarding the situation of the case, and this predictability has no positive value which it can possess under normal conditions.

Also, there is another possibility. Since the instructions are not given according to the situations of the case but according to the outer instructions, then there is a possibility for the uncertainty over the results to completely consume the supremacy of law.

Being from the old, Turkish judiciary has such invalidity. However, it should be stated that the virtual situations formed by the parallel judiciary had increased the chaotic situation and uncertainty over the judiciary to a maximum level. People's opinions that arranging a judge, who is a member of the parallel structure, rather than a lawyer, is more designative in getting the desired result from the law, had turned into a big secret that gets about. When emphasized and with the revealed examples, it becomes easier to see that this approach had covered the whole judiciary like gangrene. Paying the necessary fees to the favor wheel had turned into the most important operatives that operates the judiciary mechanism that is depending on the favor braid.

Fundamentally, if needed, the extensions in the media and police force were skillfully employing necessary evidences or perceptions in order to make things easier for the judges. In cases like Haşiye, Salam-Tavhid, the victims of the ruse revealed how this mechanism operated. If the February 7th and December 17th-25th, where the law had been slaughtered, incidents didn't happen, then most possibly this wouldn't have been recognized easily. However, the divine retribution will surprise the murderers one way or the other, and it will not disregard the lament of the victim. While the insatiable rulership ambitions of the ones, who realized the law slaughter, always dispatches them to demand more, it also causes them to make big mistakes.

December 17th caused the corpse of law to be revealed. Since that day, everyone became witnesses to the committed murder. The next state is an insolent bluntness state, which is daring with all its evilness and which the serial killer, who found a place for himself within the community by acting as a good human, no longer tries to hide. The attempt of the parallel judiciary to help his friends in prison to escape with a kamikaze attack is the proof that there is nothing to hide anymore, even from their viewpoint. There is almost no difference between digging a hole and trying to get your friends out of prison, and, the operations done in this way.

Not to mention the evaluation of the attempt in coordination with an official worker in prison. Whatever the outcome was during his capture, the consequences of the people, who got caught during this operation, are the same.

The judges, who had been given the duty of establishing justice, are using their authorities to look after their organizational friends in prison, in the direction of the instructions they've received from the organization, and, if needed, to enter places they are not authorized. To be frank, the simplicity of this is even making it useless to even enter the matter from a more complicated subject like the supremacy of law.


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