Conspirators of the Khashoggi murder caught with their pants down - YASIN AKTAY

Conspirators of the Khashoggi murder caught with their pants down

I have expressed my view on conspiracy theories various times in this column. There is no benefit of conspiracies which have no objective basis, that are made up by people who have no familiarity on that issue and are based on their imagination and prejudices over some usual suspects. We don’t even realize that in those conspiracy theories we place ourselves at the level of a subject while we attribute a godlike power to those we consider our enemies. We start to think that everything going on in the world is happening under the remedy and by the will of those conspirators. We don’t even understand that, in this way, we are associating those conspirators with God. However, in reality, there are conspirators, and those who try to plot and put them into practice. Evil powers are always in action, and they always try to create trouble and spread corruption.

We need to follow them carefully and prevent their conspiracies from taking place. However, while trying to invalidate their conspiracies, we shouldn’t be attributing immeasurable power to them, and falling into the mistake that everything is happening with their will. They plan, but so does God. And God is the best of planners. His plan is not against the good people but against the enemies of humanity, the oppressors and perpetrators.

Actually, until now, we have seen that many conspiracies resulted in the detriment of those who connived and put them into practice. When we collate all the data, we see clearly that the Khashoggi case was not only to eliminate Khashoggi but rather it was part of a greater conspiracy to trigger another coup attempt in Turkey.

The body double of Khashoggi who was carefully prepared and brought to Turkey on the day of murder showed up wearing different clothes in a public toilet in Sultanahmet. Just imagine, what if Khashoggi’s fiancé had not notified us about his disappearance, we would probably have been dealing with the news about the disappearance of a prominent journalist and citizen of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul the next day or perhaps days after the actual event.

Two days later, one of the semi-official newspapers, Okaz, was already writing that Turkey is not a safe place for the Arabs. What would be coming after that would have probably been an intense propaganda by which they would try to spread in a shock wave that Turkey is not able to provide security for Saudi citizens against the threats they face. The first wave would have been followed by rumors of sanctions on Turkey from the U.S. or some other countries.

It seems that a move centered on the exchange rate would have been put into practice, which was tested before and of which the sensitivity to this has already detected, thus they would have been pushing Turkey towards an unprecedented economic crisis.

Both this move and the failure of it because of a simple mistake they made is named among Arabs who love Turkey as the “Repulsion of a new coup attempt against Erdoğan.”

The fact that Turkey’s demand to prosecute those 18 people, who came to Turkey to kill Khashoggi and returned to Saudi Arabia following that evil murder, was rejected by Saudi authorities actually demonstrates that the murder is in fact claimed by someone high-ranked.

Maybe the authorities of Saudi Arabia are not even capable of developing a defensive argument or attitude to get through this case. Just like when they overtly cleaned for days before inviting the Turkish authorities to the consulate. Since this means nothing but tampering with evidence, the cleaning could have been considered as a major piece of evidence of the murder, hence the confession came before that happened.

The fact that both of the planes carrying the murderers back did not fly directly to Riyadh but one to Cairo and the other to Dubai should also be analyzed. It seems that the alliance recently established between these three countries also blatantly took part in this dirty affair.

It is truly a state of being caught with their pants down.

It is sufficient divine justice that this group of countries, which have been oppressing innocent people and conducting smear campaigns against them by marking them as “terrorists” before the whole world, have been caught red-handed as co-conspirators of this murder.

The issue is so clear. Those who still make statements and try to show the intelligence of the perpetrators, the furtiveness of their conspiracies or the scale of the conspiracies are missing a lot of by refusing to see the glare of this divine punishment.


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