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Before the tanks reach the Kaaba

We had said that the Qatar operation is the first step of a much greater operation that will deeply effect the entire Muslim world and that the biggest target is Saudi Arabia. Our Editor-in-Chief İbrahim Karagül wrote much clearer. He actually called it the implementation of an “Islamic civil war project” in the region, which has been progressing step by step for the last two years. I advise everybody read the warnings in Karagül’s article carefully.

“Sub-preparations are being made for this major plan for the last few years… We see a disaster approaching step by step… Unless an urgent intervention is made, I think Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are also going to be turned in to Syria, everything sacred is going to be disregarded and Turkey is also going to receive heavy wounds from this great disaster. There is a lot that we have to do before the tanks reach the Kaaba. As long as grasp the gravity of the situation…” says Karagül.

The civil wars ongoing in Syria, Iraq and Yemen are increasingly bringing the anti-Saudi Arabia and Iran stance to the verge of a sectarian war, yet it is unable to produce an insightful common mind and responsibility action against this that is able to grasp the gravity of the situation. Instead, the politics presented – or unable to be presented – in Egypt and Libya, are beginning to almost completely exhaust the Muslim world’s immunity toward such an attack.

The so-called important actors of the Islamic world whose reflexes are increasingly weakening against the Zionist occupation and the attacks of this occupation that disregards the Islamic world, uniting so quickly against Qatar, leads to huge disappointments regarding the existence or nature of the Islamic world. This disappointment further encourages the enemies of Islam that all kinds of plans against Islam can be easily implemented.

Saudi Arabia, which modifies Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists and is attempting to punish Qatar for supporting them, is probably unaware, but it is personally pressing the start button of this major operation targeting itself. Saudi Arabia might not be able to see the danger waiting in the end, but it can be seen from Turkey. Because Turkey is the end point of the Mecca and Medina defense based on its historic and existential position.

The threats to target Mecca and Medina can be better seen from Turkey and when it sees this, it is not possible for Turkey to remain indifferent. Hence, defending Qatar means to defend the Muslim world and in particular, to defend Saudi Arabia. Defending Qatar does not mean to stand against Saudi Arabia or simply take sides in a dispute in the Gulf, because clearly, there is a trap that will in the end give greater harm to everyone, primarily Saudi Arabia. This is how Saudi Arabia and our other brothers need to understand Turkey’s attempts and concerns and join in the defense of the Islamic world; they need to join the defense of the Islamic world, refrain from avoiding to accept an invitation that will revive them.

There is an increasingly dominant trend in the U.S. in relation to associating terrorism with all kinds of Islam – moderate or not – a trend that says the true source of terrorism is directly Islam and, as a matter of fact, the Quran itself. Those dragging the Muslim world step by step into instability, violence and a war atmosphere through their invasions, through the operations carried out by the terrorist organizations they support, are hence hiding their own sins. Shamelessly, they can even claim that the excuse for their violence is Islam.

Clearly, this is openly the U.S. and the West’s war against Islam. In the face of this war, no Islamic country stands the chance to throw the actual responsibility to another country and take itself under guarantee. What needs to be done, as commanded by God, is to tighten the lines in unity and seek ways to ward off the threats targeting them.

Being the custodian of the two holy cities, Saudi Arabia is the heart of the Muslim world. It needs to be a lot more responsible in such atmospheres of disorder, embrace all Muslims, disregarding the sectarian, disposition or ethnic differences between them.

To be honest, releasing a terrorist list including Yusuf al Qaradawi, 91, the president of the World Islamic Scholars Union, is the most important signal of the trap set up against Saudi Arabia. We need to start by asking who is setting this trap against Saudi Arabia by including Qaradawi, who was only two month ago considered worthy of Saudi Arabia’s most prestigious award, the King Faisal award, on a terrorist list. Those who open war against Qaradawi, the head and symbolic figure of Islamic scholars can have no legitimacy in the Muslim world. This is how clear and open we are.



What kind of disturbance produced this terror list?


Looking closely at the terrorist list released collectively by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt, it is easier to see who is involved and what kind of disturbance they have. The list is actually formed of all three countries’ own legitimate oppositions, excluding Saudi Arabia. An approach that calls its own opposition terrorist is in question here. It seems that while Qatar is already declared physically responsible for terrorism, everybody tried to take care of their business by sending their own opposition to Doha.

Otherwise, as stated by Qatar’s foreign minister, part of those on the list have nothing to do with Qatar, part of them were probably never even in Qatar. The names on this list include political party leaders who found a way to escape Egypt’s coup plotter Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi’s extrajudicial executions and without being thrown into his torture-filled jails without any questiones, who were not involved in any violent incidents.

Similarly, in Libya, the representatives of the legitimate national coalition administration, recognized by the U.N., against the Tobruk administration that is not recognized by the international community and which has dragged Libya into civil war with coup plotter Sissi’s soldiers and the UAE’s financial support. Those who do not pay homage to Hafter, who is considered the real reason for terrorism and instability and also not recognized by the U.N., have been listed as terrorists there.

Similarly, in the UAE where no democratic opposition is allowed, those who have no involvement in any violent activity, who openly oppose terrorism, are included on this list.

How else can it be said that disappointment awaits those who follow this cheap mind that tries to carry out its petty plans through this opportunity?



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