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Libya’s warlord Khalifa Haftar has got some nerve!

A decade ago, the people of Libya launched a revolution to utilize their right to determine their own destiny. The aim of this uprising was to end the autocracy, which was the last gift given to them by the colonialist occupation administrations that... more

Comparing the Arab Spring and coup attempts in Turkey

The coups that were attempted in Turkey in December of 2013 and then again on July 15, 2016, which failed yet again, cannot be evaluated as isolated events that unfolded in Turkey’s history alone. Indeed, this was a movement whose origins in Turkey d... more

Revolution and counter-revolution: A tale of two December 17s

December 17th is the day of the first spark of major social upheaval, which quickly spread throughout the Islamic world ten years ago, and at the same time it is considered the day when Turkey witnessed the most strange, insidious and treacherous of ... more

US sanctions against Turkey will backfire

The American sanctions imposed against Turkey, which have long been discussed and justified by Ankara’s S-400 purchase from Russia, was finally approved by the Senate and decreed. Thus, Turkey is also exposed to U.S. sanctions, which is just one of t... more

PKK lost, but the Kurds won

Stating that “violence control” is the core of the Kurdish question of course does not necessitate ignoring the aspect of this problem that emanates from the state. In fact, in my previous column, this was sufficiently emphasized– even if expressed i... more

Sneaky traps targeting the new roadmap in Libya

When Turkey took to the stage in Libya upon the call of the Libyan public, the established order of invasion and division fully collapsed. The image of hungry wolves flocking to plunder a weakened country without a leader is the most striking picture... more

What can Biden change?

There’s a saying that goes: “U.S. elections are not only U.S. elections.” The results of a global superpower’s elections are naturally followed closely worldwide, because the outcomes concern all countries. There is no place or country that it does n... more

Of what concern are Arabs and Islam to the Arab League?

French President Emmanuel Macron is trying to conquer the economic and political problems in his own country by investing in turning them into interfaith conflicts and tensions, which are not limited to France alone. He is trying to stir up anti-Isla... more


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