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Whose border will NATO protect and against whom?

We are watching a very dangerous scene from the game the U.S. is playing in Syria that is aimed at pushing the entire region to instability. After presenting the Daesh terror organization as the world’s biggest threat ever for some time now, it has t... more

Assad’s sly dance with the wolves

The fundamental problem in relation to the civil war in Syria, which is about to complete its seventh year, laid bare the burning truth once more after the Bashar Assad regime’s operations targeting the civilians. As a matter of fact, during his visi... more

The US is where the law is up for negotiation

The case that started in the U.S. as a “Reza Zarrab case” and was later turned into a Hakan Atilla case  concluded last week with the verdict of the jury. The jury found former Halkbank Deputy General Manager Hakan Atilla guilty of five out of the  s... more

2018 is going to be a decision making year for the EU too

The year 2017 went on record as quite a challenging year for the European Union with the U.K. deciding to leave, the debates caused by the EU’s small countries starting to bring a greater burden on the international organization both economically and... more

Sudan was longing for Erdoğan

In one of the articles I wrote after one of my visits to Sudan, where I had the chance to go a few times on a couple of occasions in 2017, I had written the following: The love of the Sudanese for Turkey, Turks and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan i... more

That ghost appears to the UAE as Fahreddin Pasha

Although it is known that ghosts are not real, they are an effective phenomena in people’s lives, one way or another. Phenomenon, “zahiriye,” as referred to in Ottoman Turkish, in other words, is that which is visible, namely, our perception of somet... more

A ghost is haunting the US

When President Erdoğan said that “the world is bigger than five,” he also expressed the UN’s inability to create solutions for the urgent and chronic issues of today’s world along with pointing out how unfair and undemocratic the organization of the ... more

The US has no ally but itself

After the Jerusalem resolution was vetoed by the U.S. versus 14 votes at the UN Security Council, the drafted resolution against Trump’s decision that was submitted to the General Assembly thanks to Turkey’s efforts was approved. Of course the only r... more

Where is rationality and strategy in US policy?

Of course it is no coincidence that the U.S. is the world’s super power. The massive size of its territory or its financial sources have not been the only determinants in it reaching this power. Despite having larger lands, and as a matter of fact, m... more

Jerusalem called to Muslims from Istanbul: Time for salvation

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit convened in Istanbul upon term president Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s call for an emergency assembly within a matter of a week in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition o... more

Minor tremors in Jerusalem’s ancient history

U.S. President Donald Trump’s audacity to implement the U.S.’s outdated decision that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has, as expected, led to indignation in global politics, primarily in the Muslim world. I say “outdated decision” because ... more


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