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Is this dictatorship? Have you ever seen such democracy?

As we rapidly head toward the June 24 elections, though the harsh criticisms made by presidential candidates about one another drop to a frustrating level at times, we can consider it from the good side and see this as the indicator of the level that... more

Who is promising the Kurds what?

Undoubtedly, votes from the southeast of Turkey will be one of the most important determinants of the June 24 elections. All candidates are especially ambitious to get votes from the southeast of Turkey, in other words, to get Kurdish votes. But, wha... more

The Iran factor in Turkey-Saudi Arabia relations

We had previously stated that the image of Turkey reflected on the screens of Saudi Arabia and the image of Saudi Arabia reflected on Turkey’s screens are not pleasant at all nowadays. The matter is not limited to the language reflected on the news a... more

Turkey and Saudi Arabia relations

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the two most important countries of the Sunni Muslim world. Regional and global developments bind these two countries’ fates together. The developments in one country inevitably impact the other as well. The threat directe... more

The meaning and result of the OIC

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease.”The strange silence and apathy of the entire Muslim world, excluding Turkey, in the face of the crimes Israel committed against Jerusalem and Palestinians - this time under the explicit protection and directio... more

Time to worry for German democracy

The great provocation started by the decision to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem has starkly revealed once more the x-ray view of power relations in the world order we live in. Of course, this x-ray has also shown the entire falseness of the media... more

Bandits cannot rule the world

Bandits cannot rule the world, but unfortunately, they do. Jerusalem's occupation by the world’s bandit Israel is actually proof that the entire world has been occupied, that the bandit is ruling the whole world. Because Jerusalem is the mirror of th... more

Trump’s Iran decision

U.S. President Donald Trump delivered a decision about a matter that had long been the subject of curiosity and announced that he would withdraw from the nuclear pact signed during by the Barack Obama administration with Iran. Israel launching milita... more

We want nothing else apart from the US to stay out of our way

The words U.S. President Donald Trump used in the press conference with his French counterpart Macron about his expectations from the Arab World were like the disclosure of the secret codes of how they have governed the world so far.Trump was explici... more

Turkey has more, not less, in terms of democracy

As Turkey focuses on snap election discussions and the likely candidates have entered the final course with great excitement, drifts and surprises, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is holding its term convention in Strasbour... more

The great regress in the EU Progress Report

The Progress Report published by the European Union remarkably surpassed the other reports in terms of its dose of criticism; beyond criticism, it adopted the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) terror groups’ compr... more


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