A terrorist fighting against a terrorist cannot be a hero - YASIN AKTAY

A terrorist fighting against a terrorist cannot be a hero

One should admit that, the Turkish Republic addressing the PKK during the Reconciliation Process for the past two and a half years, and the PKK not using arms against the Turkish military loosened the 'terrorist' tag on the PKK.

In fact, if the PKK had appreciated the conflict-free environment of the past two and a half years and was sincere, if they had stopped using their arms against the people of the region and Turkey and finally if they had properly taken advantage of the political arena that was offered to them, no one would have considered this normalization odd. A Kurdish nationalist party can easily exist in Turkey's current political arena. Surely they should keep a distance from us. Kurdish nationalism or any other ethnic nationalism, one can easily criticize and stay away from any kind of nationalism and show our differences. However, democratic politics has room for any kind of ideology including nationalism, left wing, right wing, liberal and socialist. Everyone can debate and dispute with the other on a democratic platform. Whereas, instead of seeing the Reconciliation Process as a chance to politicize, the PKK tried to cunningly act as an armed group with a “political party”. During the Reconciliation Process, the PKK didn't directly attack the military, but continued its grim attacks on the community.

Since village guards are considered members of the security units, close to 20 village guards were viciously killed, kidnapped or threatened to do as ordered during the Reconciliation Process. Businessmen were forced to pay ransoms, and people were forced to move out of the region. Expected to put down its arms during the Reconciliation Process, the PKK instead increased the number of armed militants by thousands –generally recruiting children under the age of 18- and established many stations in the area to spread fear into the people of the region. Terrorism was managed from these stations, roads were blocked, building sites were attacked, people were kidnapped and interrogated and killed. The attack that killed Yasin Börü during the 6-7 October riots was not an exceptional situation that only happened once. After the elections, something else came over the PKK. Presumably, the battle (!) it carried out against the DAES (ISIL) terror organization and the “benefits” it provided, caused the PKK to believe that it was completely freed from the “terrorist” label. However, this liberation was not a liberation it gained from totally stripping from the terror they carried out all along. Rather, PKK groundlessly imagined that they were given a right to terrorize in Turkey and Northern Iraq in return for fighting DAES. Being employed to fight against ISIL with its terrorist identity, PKK got the impression that they could terrorize as they wished. To legitimize their desire to terrorize, they started to claim that Turkey supported DAES and even went further to say that Turkey was a terrorist state. They knew that this presumptuousness would find takers in Europe via opponents in Turkey. In fact, they did find good takers. Unfortunately, with the efforts and open support of the Parallel media organs, this story found interested readers and clients.

These clients realized that the news they received from the co-production of PKK and Parallel media organs were false upon Turkey waging war on DAES (ISIL) and PKK. The lie that Turkey could not address ISIL as a terrorist group was reiterated many times, but Turkey not only called ISIL a terrorist organization but declared war on them, too. Turkey also announced that they would be a part of any battle against ISIL. This battle is virtually against ISILand the powers behind it. Turkey also showed that; the battle against the terror organization ISIL cannot be awarded to another terror group seeing terrorism as their right. Just because they fought against ISIL, this doesn't make PKK/ PYD a hero or a freedom fighter or give them the right to be discharged from the terror crimes they committed in Turkey, or allow them to commit terror crimes on the Kurds of Rojawa and North Iraq.

Frankly speaking, PKK claimed such a right for fighting against ISIL from the U.S. and Europe and to an extent was awarded this right. Now, the U.S. and Europe need to pay significant attention on whether or not they will consider (in a war distant to their borders) a terrorist organization that is a threat to Turkey as their ally. If they do decide to ally with a blood shedding terrorist organization, then they will be standing as a country that supports terrorism.


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